National football team 4 news!Luo Guofu official apology, Wang Dalei absent training, Wu Lei led the Golden Globe

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Today is January 25th, Beijing time, and the rules bring you the latest 4 pieces of national football news!The first news, about naturalized player Luo Guofu!In the evening, Luo Guofu updated personal social platform, officially issued a statement of apology!Luo guofu said he would like to express his apology to the Chinese team fans for his mistake.Luo guofu said that he was angry and anxious at the time, made a kind of impulsive remarks, this is he did not fully understand the facts of the course of action, these accusations for the Chinese Football Association is unfair!Luo Guofu bluntly, he is a mistake can change, so he apologized to everyone, and to the Chinese football Association said sorry!For Luo Guofu’s apology, the domestic media have praised, said Luo Guofu so apologized, full of sincerity, and can correct mistakes, is a good player!However, as what DE asaikana turn China administrator, the football association is really all hope that the team’s players than those who eat good drink good, keep the best state and morale, but to say the football association only wrong, it is should strengthen the communication and the players, pay more attention to the player’s emotions, prevent expanding negative effects before the game!For the luo Guofu’s apology, will we forgive him?The second message, about the national football goalkeeper Wang Dalei!This afternoon, the National football team continued to train in Tokyo, but according to the news of reporter Wang Nan, Wang Dalei did not come to the training ground!Reporter Wang Nan revealed that a total of 26 Chinese men’s football players came to Tokyo, but in the afternoon training, Wang Dalei did not appear.Wang Nan guess, Wang Dalei’s absence, may be physical reasons, he may be in the hotel to recover!Later, the Chinese football team official updated the latest dynamic of the national football team, said the goalkeeper Wang Dalei was absent, because of physical discomfort, stayed in the hotel to rest, and the other 25 players all participated in the training!To tell the truth, Wang Dalei in such a critical moment, the emergence of physical discomfort, for Li Xiaopeng, is undoubtedly a “bolt from the blue”, after all, from the previous Shanghai team competition situation, Li Xiaopeng intends to let Wang Dalei in the national football team VS Japan game!Compared to Yan Junling, Wang Dalei is more suitable for playing Japan such a strong team, but unfortunately, from the present situation, Wang Dalei should be unable to stage, but fortunately the national football team and Yan Junling and Liu Dian, I believe that the problem will not be very big!What do you think about that?The third piece of news, about the Golden Globe in China!Today, China golden Globe top 3 officially announced, Wu Lei led, Zhang Yuning and Guo Tianyu and other 3 players shortlisted!In China in the 2021 golden ball, “Chinese football set an example” for the purpose, through more than hundreds of sports media reporters at home and abroad and invited the judges vote, the top three awards: fresh domestic double shandong taishan center guo tian, the Spanish liga club Spanish club players abroad lei and Beijing guoan striker yuning zhang came to the fore.According to statistics, this is wu lei’s fifth consecutive year in the Top three of China’s Golden Globe awards, and it is also the first time that Guo Tianyu and Zhang Yuning have made the list, with all three of them scoring more than 200 points, leading other candidates.Besides, Goalkeeper Wang Dalei of Shandong Taishan ranked fourth, 2020 China Golden Ball winner Wu Xi ranked fifth, and naturalized player Luo Guofu ranked sixth.Who do you think will win this year’s Golden Globe Awards in China?All feel, Guo Tianyu’s possibility is bigger!The fourth news, about the Japanese team VS the Chinese team!Tokyo Sports Net, a Japanese media, noted the decrease in naturalized players, saying that The Chinese team may return to a more physical style of play, and the Japanese team should be wary of China’s “kung fu soccer”.Japanese media said that in the upcoming War between China and Japan, The Chinese team only Jiang Guangtai and Alan this 2 naturalized players can be used, which is good for the Japanese team mori Bao one!However, Japanese media pointed out that the Japanese team should be careful of China’s traditional “kung fu football”, although they have called up many players who are confident in their physical ability.In the eyes of the Japanese media, the Chinese team is known for rough fouls, and the Japanese team is not used to this, with the reduction of naturalized players, the Chinese team is likely to play “kung fu football” again!In response, The Japanese media also brought up the 19th East Asian Cup, saying that China’s defender Jiang Zhipeng kicked the back of The head of Japan’s defender Hashioka, causing fierce criticism from the Japanese media and even the Chinese media!I hope the National football team led by Li Xiaopeng will not play this kind of “kung fu football”. We can lose, but we can’t lose again!Do you agree with this?