Office workers ready to resign, full-time taobao shop feasible?

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It is indeed very profitable to be an e-commerce entrepreneur. The income of many e-commerce entrepreneurs in one month is as much as that of ordinary office workers in a whole year.Seeing that e-commerce industry is so profitable, many office workers are not willing to be left behind, have resigned to join the army of e-commerce entrepreneurship.Among many e-commerce platforms, Taobao is the most suitable platform for novice entrepreneurs.For taobao to open a shop, traffic and conversion rate is crucial.In order to make taobao shop flow can be improved, so use a variety of methods to improve shop visitors, but some shop visitors a lot, but no one order, what is the reason?Today, e-commerce teacher Li combined with years of actual combat experience, to tell you about office workers resign to open shop how to improve the conversion rate.Novice open shop, encounter any problem, can ask Teacher Li at any time!Why is there so many visitors to taobao shop, but no one to place orders?If the store is visited by many people, I don’t know whether the number of page views is for a certain type or several kinds of babies, or it is very scattered, with some page views for each baby and no order.If you have any views, is a baby without order – topic can master for the baby, the main figure, details page, the title, price to taobao and sell good sellers compare, can optimize the part, do a basic data, single, buyers show, sellers review, which can partly improve item baby conversion rate.If it is a number of baby page views, but a single baby page views are not high, no orders – that is the problem of store baby, general Taobao store conversion rate is the lowest in 1% – 3% starting, that is 100 visitors may deal with two or three orders, this is a very low conversion rate.But if you have two or three page views for each baby, very scattered, even if you have 100 visitors, you may still have no one. This is to build the store to attract traffic to Taobao visitors small popular products.How to improve conversion rate?1. We will steadily increase input in this area.Normally, when we are near the top of the rank, we can help with through trains, which can easily break through shop ranks.2. Taobao customers, when we operate the store, we need to find high-quality Taobao customer resources to introduce a large amount of Taobao traffic to our store, which can also bring breakthrough to our store.3, for some official activities, especially some activities in the station, must participate in more, even if there will be a little loss, no problem.This is the key to increasing customer flow to our store.It is worth mentioning that to see if your product optimization is in place, and finally to compare the price of the same line, see if the price is too high than peers, these are the key to affect the transaction.In order to help novice to create first-class wangpu, e-commerce teacher Li poured a lot of effort, personally recorded a lot of video courses, MY years of actual combat experience to teach each other!Let the majority of novices from zero basis to learn to open shop, step by step grow up, and eventually become a big seller!(Find E-commerce teacher Li for free video lessons) — Click on the article below to see e-commerce teacher Li’s entrepreneurial experience!My entrepreneurial experience due to space limited, today’s dry goods to share here.Not to see the hope to work hard, but efforts to see the hope!Everyone who tries to stick to it deserves to be respected!Finally, Teacher Li I wish you open shop smoothly, as soon as possible to belong to their first bucket of gold!Novice open shop, encounter any problem, can ask Teacher Li at any time!