“Thunder warning” On March 14, chongren County meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning of “lightning level III/severe”

2022-05-10 0 By

Chongren County Meteorological Observatory issued the yellow warning signal of mine electricity at 14:13, March 14, 2022: It is expected that in the next 6 hours:Some areas of Bashan Town, Baipi Town, Bailu Town, Guo Wei Town, Hangbu Town, Heshang Town, Lipi Town, Liujiaqiao Town, Ma ‘an Town, Sanshan Town, Shizhuang Town, Sunfang Town, Taoyuan Town, Xiangshan Town and Xufang Town have lightning activities. The local area is accompanied by short-time heavy rainfall, thunderstorm gale and other strong convective weather, please take precautions.(Information source: National Early Warning Issuing Center) Defense Guide 1. The government and relevant departments shall do lightning protection according to their duties;2. Pay close attention to the weather and avoid outdoor activities as much as possible.