Tickets or in the official channels to buy the most sweet, this time I collected spring Airlines benefits

2022-05-10 0 By

Every Spring Festival travel rush, snatching tickets is certainly a problem for many people. No matter the tickets back or back, it is not uncommon to see them sold out in seconds. Fortunately, spring Airlines worked overtime this year so that I had a very smooth Spring Festival travel rush.Some time ago, I just received a link from my colleague to help grab tickets. I remembered a tweet about the “Overtime route of Spring Festival Transportation” I saw on the Public account of Spring Airlines. Because I was also waiting to grab tickets, I went in on a whim and did not expect to see a direct flight from Hefei to Yinchuan.And in February from January 17 to 25 flights every day, compared to the high iron nine hours non-stop, sat in the spring and autumn airlines as long as more than two hours, price is similar to high-speed rail, it is my Spring Festival this year return saviour, so decisively to buy the ticket, and share this information to the company group, also let two colleagues also got a return air ticket,I can’t tell you how happy I am.Because I have taken Spring Airlines before, I know that buying tickets through the official channel of Spring Airlines will be cheaper, and the ticket price can also be exchanged for points. When the points reach a certain level, you can also exchange tickets for free. Therefore, I went to the APP of Spring Airlines to have a look, but I did not expect unexpected gains.Spring Airlines launched a lucky draw of “Fuhu Music” during the Spring Festival. Anyone who logs in to spring Airlines APP and becomes a Green Wing member before February 25, 2022, will get a lucky draw. The prizes include ticket deduction vouchers, airplane model, Disney children’s bag, SKG cervical spine massage machine and so on.I directly selected a spring Airlines theme classic model, which can be put at home as an ornament.On the day of my return trip, I saw many staff wearing cute smile masks at the spring Air check-in counter.As a service industry, smiling is indeed very important, and because of the serious epidemic in the past two years, everyone wore masks all the time, so it may be the same as I think, everyone’s smile is covered by masks.Spring Airlines’ smile mask not only provides safety protection, but also makes people feel warm when they see it. Although this is only a small gesture, it is very warm for those who are full of expectations for the future and set foot on the return journey.In addition, I also remind you that during the Spring Festival travel rush, don’t forget epidemic prevention and safety on the way back. Try to arrive at the airport as early as possible, carry out a series of safety checks according to the requirements of the destination, and leave enough time so that you can return to work more smoothly.