【 Weather 】 The holiday ends with rain and sunshine tomorrow

2022-05-10 0 By

Happy New Year! We are halfway through the Chinese New Year holiday, and we are looking forward to the sunshine today!It happens that today is also the beginning of Spring, which marks the stirring of vitality and renewal of everything.Blue sky and white clouds duly appeared, and the temperature was higher than the previous two days. The highest temperature in the city was generally 8~9 degrees.The weather will remain fine tomorrow, mainly cloudy to sunny, the temperature will be low in the morning, around 1 degrees in the urban area, generally in the suburbs -2 degrees to 0 degrees, the highest temperature in the afternoon around 7 degrees, with level 3-4 northerly wind, even with sunshine, it is still cool, warm work do not relax!On the last day of the holiday (6th), it will start overcast to cloudy, turn into showers or sleet overnight, and the minimum temperature will drop to freezing!On the first working day of the year (July 7), the temperature was 3 to 4 degrees Celsius and it was very cold.The temperature gradually rose from August 8, with the highest temperature returning to 7~9 degrees, but the weather was mainly cloudy and rainy.It will take some time for spring to truly blossom.February 6, tomorrow the weather coming days (which) : cloudy cloudy to overcast with rain or sleet, 0 ~ 7 degrees on February 7th (seventh) : Yin a shower, on February 8, 3 ~ 4 degrees (8) : overcast to cloudy, 4 ~ 7 degrees on Feb. 9 (the ninth) : overcast to cloudy with a short light rain, 5 ~ 9 degrees data: the municipal meteorological service center editor: liu min