Covet female neighbor beauty, the old man broke into the home intent to invade, after resistance even stabbed its more than 40 knife case

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On the afternoon of April 17, 2015, Zhang, a villager in Weijiazhuang, Pingxiang County, Xingtai City, Hebei Province, had prepared a meal at home and was waiting for his neighbor Pan Xia to come over for dinner.Yesterday they made an appointment, today zhang asked her to dinner, but left and right also do not see Pan Xia figure.The phone also can not hit, Zhang feeling strange, thinking in the next door is not as good as the past to see.Knock on the door to find pan xia’s door open, she shouted, while walking in to check.Who knows into the bedroom to find, Pan xia fell in the bedroom bed, has not breathing.Hearing of a murder case in a small village, the police rushed to the scene immediately to investigate, only to find the terrible situation.Pan mou Xia body more than 40 knife, the killer is extremely cruel, such a brutal, even experienced Interpol is also very rare.A survey of the scene revealed a strange thing. The Windows and doors of her home were intact.The tall wall also has no obvious climbing marks, the murderer apparently entered through the front door, is it Pan Mou Xia opened the door for him?Investigation interpersonal relationship, the police denied this speculation, Pan xia interpersonal relationship is simple.She just moved back to her hometown, and she doesn’t have many friends around. She is very kind.With the people around them are very good, and never had a dispute, contradiction, dispute, in addition, Pan Xia bravery is small.Her husband works outside, two children also because of study boarding, usually she lives alone at home.At night she would lock her doors and Windows and refuse to open them to anyone.It was not in her character to open the door to anyone in the middle of the night, unless she knew him very well.This seemed odd, but when the police were puzzled, Pan’s mother-in-law gave them a clue.2013 new house decoration, Pan Xia had told her about a mouth, home door has a key missing.At that time, the family did not take it seriously, thinking that it was accidentally dropped in a corner, so they did not change the lock.Now come to think of it, Pan mou Xia would not leave the door unlocked, nor is it likely to open the door at midnight.What if the sixth missing key was in the suspect’s possession, and he opened the door himself?Think of here, temporarily do not consider how the murderer into pan’s home, or as soon as possible to investigate with pan’s home and suspected people know.After pan mou Xia interpersonal relationship for the third time, the police locked a larger suspect, he is the same as the village zhang Yongmin.Zhang Yongmin used to be the door keeper of the factory opened by Pan’s husband, and pan’s relationship is ok, but he has a bad record.Twice in the middle of the night to sneak into a woman’s home, with the intention of doing something wrong, but the woman is more powerful.Just hit him to go out, later woman husband comes home to look for him to calculate an account, and the way that Zhang Yongmin sneaks into is to steal this spare key.Could he have done it again this time, tried to invade but failed to kill?The police immediately subpoenaed Zhang Yongmin in accordance with the law, and finally found a flaw in the interrogation, which is his own mouth.When the police asked him when he heard the news of Pan’s death, he said it was 12:30 at noon, but in fact it was around 2 o ‘clock when the news spread all over the village.Zhang Yongmin’s wife said it was in the afternoon, why did he lie?In the interrogation that follows, Zhang Yongmin is more flaw 100, final psychological defense line collapses confessed his criminal fact.Everything is because of the color, Zhang Yongmin covet Pan Xia beauty has long, at that time to see the key to steal.Had not thought to be able to use, but later Pan Mou Xia’s husband went out, the children read, she was left alone in the home.Zhang Yongmin will again from the thief’s heart, the day of the incident into the house to attempt to violate, Pan Xia was awakened.Fight with it, chaos, Zhang Yongmin took out a knife to stab Pan Xia.I don’t know if I’m too scared, in a crazy state can’t control myself, or if I can’t get it, I’ll destroy it.He completely lost control of the attack, stabbed more than 40 times, took a while to calm down.Secretly stole pan’s house keys, sneaked into the night intent to violate, even if there was no later pain under the ruthless hand, his behavior has constituted a strong jiān sin.Article 236 of the Criminal Law: Whoever rapes a woman by violence, coercion or other means shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than 10 years.If the circumstances are serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years, life imprisonment or death.However, if he turned to murder in the course of committing the Jangji ān sin, the nature of the crime is completely different and constitutes intentional murder.Article 232 of the Criminal Law: Whoever intentionally kills someone shall be sentenced to death, life imprisonment or fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years.The purpose of his crime itself is extremely despicable, but also stabbed more than 40 times, the crime means is extremely cruel.Those who seriously endanger public security should be given a heavier punishment according to law, although the verdict has not been made public.But the law is fair and just, waiting for him will be severely punished by the law, I believe he will pay for his crimes.Can only sigh pan mou Xia innocent vain death, if say at the beginning pan home a little someone take seriously, the lock to change.With Pan mou Xia’s careful care, perhaps would not have caused such a tragedy, but a small negligence ruined a life.