In middle age, relax and look at everything

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The sea can be a hundred rivers, is the tolerance of capacity;Mountains rise to the height of their potential;The size of the stage of life depends on the width of the heart.Remember yourself is the root of everything, open is heaven, hard is the mire.During the Spring Festival, I went to visit my aunt whom I hadn’t seen for two or three years.Long goodbye, the aunt is also excited to embrace me, after greeting each other, the aunt actually shed tears.She said, “I thought I’d never see you again.”Listen to this speech, I surprised, quickly comfort aunt: “how?You’re in such good health that you’ll live to 99.””Nearly went to hell two years ago.””I’ve been sick for two years, I’ve taken a lot of medicine and almost died, but I’m getting better slowly in the 12th month.”I was at a loss to understand why.At night, my cousin told me that two years ago, he and his friends opened a joint venture hotel, because of the epidemic, the hotel’s customer supply is unstable, has been in the red.Throw the money that go in, do not see income, the money that works hard to earn hit water drift, hall sister-in-law and cousin often quarrel for this, aunt overheard their quarrel, knew the reason among them.Aunt was born at the end of 40’s, 76 years old this year, a son investment failure, loss of hundreds of thousands of yuan, this is for her, hundreds of thousands is more than astronomical figures, more like a bolt from the blue, is really a fatal blow.From then on, the aunt fell ill.At first she said she had headaches, drowsiness and lethargy.The cousin took her to the local hospital, took a lot of medicine, but did not cure her disease.Later, the headache not only did not cure, the body added a new problem.Aunt feels bosom stuffy all day short, do not have appetite, the person also is more and more thin.A year later, the aunt’s mental state is deteriorating, she spends most of her time in bed and starts talking to herself.The family is frightened, think she got senile dementia, hurriedly take aunt to see a doctor in the big hospital of provincial capital.After all kinds of tests, the doctor concluded that there was mild depression and no other physical problems.Come home recuperate, the mental state of the aunt does not improve, she always says to live to have no meaning, all day sigh.No less hospital visits, no less medication.But people just can’t get better.My cousin was greatly distressed by this.He carefully recalled the dribs and drabs after aunt falls ill and falls ill, suddenly wake up: aunt falls ill, it is his business is bad, when loss, because his business is depressed, old mother was worried about heart disease for this.So think, plan to heart.One day, the cousin hall sister-in-law in the aunt before the bed chat, the cousin deliberately raise his voice to the aunt said: “wife, this year the guest of the hotel is much, the business is good, the income is not little, the loss of these two years are earned back, the New Year what you want, although to buy.”Lying on the bed of the aunt, heard this speech, immediately sit up: “son, this year to earn money?””Yes,” said the cousin, “I made money this year. I made all the money I made in the previous two years and still have a lot left.”The aunt is relieved and finally shows a long-lost smile.The next day, aunt unexpectedly not in bed, she like changed a person like, began to help daughter-in-law cleaning, cooking, the body is as strong as before.Less than a month later, the aunt recovered completely.In fact, her discomfort is heart disease, is worried about his son.Cousin’s white lie, untie the aunt’s heart, know that her son’s situation is good, her mind, the disease naturally.The so-called heart with the border, suffering unbearable;You’re only as good as your heart takes you.Small heart, all the little things are big;All great things are small when the heart is big.Whether a person is happy or not, in fact, only depends on himself. A person’s situation will change with his heart, and the environment around him is only a reflection of his heart.If you want a successful life, you must learn to look inward.A lot of people’s troubles are rooted in the obsession in our hearts. What we are obsessed with, we are bound to be trapped in.Heart if dispute, there are complaints everywhere;If the heart is relaxed, it is always spring, if you want to care, no one and a thing can make you satisfied.This is where it all started.All things open is heaven, hard is mire.Heart wide road from wide, narrow road from narrow, can endure endure, endure a hundred.The most important thing for a person to live is the stability and calmness of his mind. Why can’t we live with ourselves?A heart an inch wide, road a zhang.If not heart wide like the sea, which life is calm?Some things are going to happen whether we want them to or not, and some people are going to face them whether they like them or not.There is a middle-aged woman, her husband left her, she lives a quiet life by herself.Suddenly one day, she met a man she could talk to well, and they loved each other.In this way, two people began to fall in love, every day, romantic house.However, as get along with a long time, the contradiction between the two people also more and more, the woman found herself more and more do not understand him.The man also felt that the woman was prejudiced against him, so the two argued constantly, and finally broke up on bad terms.After breaking up, two people miss each other, feel empty without each other.As a result, the two of them on and off several times, but also can not leave each other.However, because of the idea of breaking up, this root has been buried in the heart, once the other side has some problems, this seed germinated, leading to a break up, a pain, and finally when they parted in bad mood, two people are immersed in pain and confusion.Why can’t love have an end, when two people love each other, but can’t be together?In fact, the Buddhists say that all laws are created by heart, which is the truth.The mood of two people has changed, there will be such a result, once the idea of breaking up occupied the heart, is to want to compound, there is a gap.Love can never last until two people change each other.Therefore, in the relationship, two people who love each other, also want to learn tolerance, learn to tolerate, accept each other’s shortcomings, tolerance of each other’s shortcomings.”The heart with love, the eyes with love.”If you really love someone, you should appreciate his good qualities and accept his imperfections.Mind wide life, see all, to be at ease.Each stage of life, should love that period of time, the end of that phase of the end of the responsibility, life and line, not immersed in the past, not fanatical looking forward to the future.Especially in the middle of life, half of life, to follow the heart, happy go lucky.Work hard when you should, enjoy yourself when you should, appreciate those who are better than you, and do not despise those who are down and out.This is the so-called “clear”, life and work, this state is the best.Middle-aged people, more to relax the heart a bit.A wider heart means more friends, a warmer family, a smoother job and a more prosperous fortune.A broad heart is safe, a big heart is rich.If you have a broad heart and a kind heart, you will help more, complain less, live a more beautiful life and enjoy more blessings.All things look pale, pale again!In life, simple in complex, quiet happy to take off in prosperity, good wearing in the dark way, real insight is always in the calm life swaying posture, insidious meandering.Nothing is more important than life and death, and everything will become the past. As long as we can breathe freely and still bathe in the sunshine of tomorrow, there is no reason to be negative and decadent.Relax, look at everything, a good life, is our most correct choice, but also the best respect for life!I love summer, is willing to meet with you in the text, pay attention to me, let us work together!Thanks for your likes and support!Pictures from the network, infringement must be deleted.