Is American standard sanitary ware ok?24 hours Meili huan new custom bathroom space

2022-05-11 0 By

Because the home has been using the American standard bathroom products, so recently there are a lot of friends who want to renovate the toilet are asking me whether the American standard bathroom is good.As a loyal user of The United States standard, I can only tell you that the United States standard sanitary products pro test is really very good.I have been using it for a long time, there has been no problem, the quality is fully worthy of its reputation.At the same time, its service is also very good.Recently, I just changed the American standard E-Lite intelligent integrated toilet in my home. I happened to participate in their new beaulize activity, and was again shocked by their professional and efficient service.At that time, my family just wanted to change a smart toilet, so I went to the offline store to choose.The consultant of the store warmly introduced and booked their new activity for us. According to our needs, professional designers were arranged to come to visit us for measurement the next day.The idea of the family was listened to after stylist comes to the door, the actual circumstance of recombination toilet gave the design plan within 24 hours.Design plan the respect such as the dimensional layout of toilet considered, family people are very satisfied also.The designer recommended the latest e-Lite to the market according to specific circumstances, and AFTER reading the product information, I fell in love with this toilet at a glance.It is not only small and delicate, take up less space, and intelligent function is also very comprehensive, seat ring body sense adaptive and a variety of cleaning modes are very practical.At the same time, the dual-star intelligent control platform has upgraded the control system and heating system, which can achieve more accurate temperature control and is also very convenient to operate.In hygiene and health, this toilet also used the American standard bathroom classic antibacterial glaze and double rinse rinse water technology, in the wash clean at the same time can also be effective antibacterial, really value!The family was amazed at the speed with which the product was selected, the time was set, and the next day it was delivered to their door.After the installation is completed, the staff member cleaned the toilet very intimately.Professional, intimate and efficient service with product quality assurance, also need to worry about the American standard sanitary ware is not good to use?The time that the product that defend bath uses grew, although do not have quality problem, unavoidable also can appear aging, breed the problem such as bacterium.If you also want to change some new sanitary products, you can participate in the American standard sanitary ware beauty Lihuan new activities, just need to make an appointment on the American standard public account or “Beauty Lihuan new” small program, it is really super convenient ~