Is it more expensive to have a second child than a first?Mom posts her annual baby bill, and it’s not what you think

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The conventional wisdom is that it costs more to have two children than one.When it comes to having a second child, the first constraint that many parents think of is poverty.I feel that it is difficult to provide the expenses of two children with my current economic conditions.After all, children have to spend money on food and clothing, whether they go to school or not, climbing or not.If you raise your child badly, you can’t live with your face.Is it more expensive to have a second child than a first?A mother of an only child listed her annual expenses, with child-related expenses accounting for around 20%. The rest were necessities such as mortgage, car insurance and property bills.The amount of money actually spent on the couple was minimal, with no mention of anything except the money spent on mom’s cosmetics and clothes.It’s all about the kids.Similarly, in a family with two children, the parents have no exclusive expenses, but the total amount is much less than that of the one-child family.Not even half the money.Among the expenses of second-child families, there is very little investment in the art cultivation of children. The eldest child has nothing except normal kindergarten.The only family could not be more different.Such a situation, we may be able to find the reason in parents’ educational concept.With two kids, the energy is evenly spread, and mistakes are inevitable.In addition, parents may also be worried that they can not do a fair bowl of water, simply let their children develop freely.After all, children who do not sign up for interest classes will not grow up normally without rules.Such situation is a common phenomenon in today’s eyes, people will think that the existence of one more child will make the family expenditure rise sharply, after all, the later the child is born, the higher the material conditions enjoy, the higher the price.But in fact, it’s not like that. It’s like the clothes worn by the second child. Why can’t they be worn by the first child?Can’t the second child’s toys also be “inherited”?Even when the second child needs extra lessons at school, the first can contribute.Unless the boss is completely ignorant, they can be used.Also, in a second-child family, if the eldest is considerate, he will take the initiative to share your things with the younger siblings.Even if there is only one apple, can’t two children eat it together?The focus of second-child families is not economic level, but education mode, the construction of spiritual civilization of children is more important for the benefits of second-child families, everyone can tell a lot of, although there is a risk that life will become chicken flying dog jumping, but isn’t the affection between children established in the fight?The age difference between them will be smaller than that of their parents, the generation gap will not be so deep, and the ability to accept new things will be a little faster.In this way, as long as parents correctly guide their children, do not let the children have the extreme idea that the birth of the second child is to compete with their parents.They’ll get along better with each other.The old adage that things will work out when they come to the bridge may not work out for many thoughtful parents, but it’s a good way to adjust your mindset.Before the birth of the second child, the couple’s income is not rich, but if the child really came to their side, is not still forced to accept?Although the pressure of life comes with it, the stimulation for parents can also be transformed into a kind of motivation.And the first child’s sense of responsibility is doubled when a little one appears out of thin air.Even without parental guidance, they feel that they are the big brother and need to be the role model for their little brother.But if the kids get along like water and fire, parents must intervene, give each other a sufficient sense of security is the first, second is to give them a lot of trust, become their strongest backing.Ball mother said: since the second child costs less than the one-child family, can we make such a judgment and assumption?Would it cost even less after a third child?Although this idea is a little unrealistic, but we want to express, do not have too much psychological burden!Accept your child when he or she comes. After all, it is you who did not prepare well and are responsible for your own indiscretion.Today’s topic: What would you do if you had a second child?Will be extremely excited?Or do you feel a little lost?Does your husband see eye to eye with you?Share your thoughts!