Kim Kardashian, 41, had a tent date, and Pitt, 28, was in a public feud with Kanye West

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Kim Kardashian and Pete Davis were spotted out for dinner at Lilia’s in Brooklyn, New York City, on The night of February 12.The 41-year-old reality star was held by the 28-year-old comedian in a dramatic fringed outfit that made her personality clear.Though Kim has been in many relationships and divorced three times (with Kanye West in the works), she seems to be smiling outwardly as she enjoys her relationship with Pitt and is totally in it.One of the features of the restaurant is that guests can eat in a separate tent and enjoy the sweet solitude of the two without being disturbed by others.Kim also looks happy as she sits at the kitchen table with her tent flaps open, and is clearly enjoying her time with Pitt, even though it may only take up a small part of her life.Before they leave the tent, Peter and Kim engage in a romantic scene where their eyes meet.Even in heels, Kim looks small against the towering Pitt, and with her well-manicured, wrinkle-free face, the 13-year age difference between them is hard to spot.Kim and Pitt had one of the most surprising celebrity couples of the past year, sparked by an “Saturday Night Live” performance.It was a surprise, but they were both very influential, so they got a lot of attention and a lot of people liked seeing them together.But there are still some people who don’t want to see the two together, starting with Kim’s husband Kanye West.The 44-year-old rapper, who has long expressed his dislike for Pitt, has been more active on social media recently, Posting a poster just hours after Kim’s date with Pitt urging people to pick sides.Kanye’s own camp includes his former Nemesis Drake, current girlfriend Julia Fox, and somewhat related Travis Scott (Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend).The enemy camp, starting with Peter Davis and then Kim Kardashian, includes the likes of Beetroot and Taylor Swift.The most interesting thing is that Kanye west is going with KiD
CuDi is also in the enemy camp,
That the rapper, now 38, had disobeyed his instructions to continue to be friends with Pitt.Kanye was so upset that he removed Kanye Kid from his guest list for his upcoming concert. Kanye also had sushi with Kanye Kid and Pitt in the past, and posted a picture of Him with a red x across his face.Pitt has so far not spoken directly about kanye west’s public antagonist, but a source tells us that he has no intention of getting involved in the drama and just wants to enjoy his time with Kim.We’ll have to wait and see how Kanye will bounce up and down, but he’s acting like a kindergartener right now.