Lishui city “Silver Age Guard” project

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1. The project background, in recent years, lishui police to “green, policing, escort ‘two mountains’ red tiejun, advance changan” as the theme, strong-built wisdom, synthesis of police operations, public security personnel support “three”, focusing on the big picture stability, the main responsibility for the main, basic, standardize law enforcement team construction, the “big five” task “, strive to build green police led by mode of modern policing,Forge the “red and green integration” core combat effectiveness of public security organs to match the “important window”.Lishui city public security bureau “the silver age guard project fully focused on the background of population aging, more than 60 elderly memory loss is easily lost, weak awareness, gullibility, solitary accident easy breaking and so on three urgent problems, based on large data resources, integration of large data application model algorithm, active docking government” in zhejiang “old man and the social platform that occupy the home,To realize the new intelligent pension mode and fill the gap of emergency security incident warning in the pension industry.It fully reflects the new achievements of The lishui Public Security Bureau, which is led by big data intelligence, and constantly deepens the strategy of intelligent police, synthetic operations and strong police with talents.Since China’s pension policy needs to be complete, the pension system needs to be complete, the pension system needs to be sound, and the pension system management needs to be improved, there is an urgent need for digital models and methods to improve the pension service.With the deepening of digital reform in our province, the digital reform of old-age service is required.Guard platform construction of silver age, therefore, to establish the elderly health “intelligent management system”, on the supply side, structural reform as a whole the integration of the city’s pension service information resources, break down barriers between departments, gradually formed endowment service query, update, and supervision in the integration of government services, so as to promote the reform of pension services of digital, realize the pension service multiple scenarios fusion,To meet the government’s digital reform needs of “people’s livelihood services + social governance”.Civil affairs, Disabled Persons’ Federation, health and other departments are responsible for the management of the elderly care industry, but data islands between different departments cannot be broken down, and unified and collaborative application of elderly care services cannot be realized.At the same time, different pension institutions have imperfect and unequal pension information, which cannot provide comprehensive pension services for the elderly.The government urgently needs to establish archives for elderly population information on the health of older adults between various departments and industry data, life data for unified planning, safety and economic data sharing, business cooperation, realize the dynamic management of multistage, old-age service system and related policies for the next step to provide true, reliable and beneficial basis.This project through the social security, WeiJianWei, public security and other departments to share information in the elderly, the elderly for multiparty comparing to verify information, form a unified data archive, as government welfare as a whole, the elderly precise subsidies provide detailed data basis, to ensure that part of the difficulty, low margin, “3 without” the old man lives on the government and society in a timely and effective relief.Due to their age and memory, elderly people are not suitable to travel alone in many cases. However, due to the trivial life, they still need to travel independently, such as shopping for daily necessities, etc. However, this situation will bring travel safety risks.Ø safety health problems is the root cause of old people security, as the growth of the age, the body immunity drop, most of the elderly with the phenomenon of disease, and many cases ignored by the elderly, are not timely inform, a serious illness when the ailment, and due to living alone, cannot be found in a timely manner after onset, so as to get timely relief and health care, the medical time to miss right.ø Most of the elderly with economic security are retired and rely on their pensions or savings. However, these people are easily targeted by criminals in the society. In case of fraud, it will be even worse for the elderly.