“Love Squad” on the front line

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In suifenhe’s anti-epidemic team, there is such a group of public security police, they stand guard during the day and their comrades on duty, but at night but also do not rest, with thermos bottles, paper cups, instant noodles, ham sausage and other items, quietly leave the station……On the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month in northern China, a sudden epidemic broke out in Suifenhe. 352 auxiliary police from Mudanjiang Public Security Bureau rushed to help Suifenhe and rushed to fight against the spread of the epidemic.Flow tracing special class, isolation hotel front door, sealing control community outside the hospital, urban road bayonet, security patrol line……Police were everywhere, lights were flashing, and a “blue barrier” was built against the freezing wind.Yuansui police auxiliary police’s resolute holding moved the city, also moved to yuansui police temporary party branch members, training detachment instructor Zhao Bing’s heart.Comrade Zhao Bing put forward a proposal to the temporary party general branch of the yuansui police force to set up a love team to help each comrade in arms of the yuansui.Party initiative in temporary support, the party members love teams formed rapidly, by comrade zhao captain, absorbed czy aimin bureau, high, east branch Wang Lingyu, yangming branch DiaoYanBo, Li Zhiyuan, a batch of lead cadres and party members such as dead soul jingbo bureau police, using the value of time to rest, try my best to help comrades.Suifenhe was especially cold at night. Although the heating was on in the police car on duty, the heat in the comrades’ bodies would be consumed, their feet would be frozen stiff, and their bodies would shrink into a ball…Every night, the CPC love teams go into action, taking thermos bottles, paper cups, instant noodles, ham sausages and other items to drive to isolation hotels, location-controlled communities, road jams, patrol cars and other duty stations to deliver love and warmth to every police officer and community volunteers who stand firm on cold nights.A bucket of bubble noodles, a cup of warm water, a sincere greeting…This seemingly ordinary ordinary move, but warm every fighting in the front line of the anti-epidemic workers.A community worker on duty in the containment community said emotionally: Hot noodles, so warm people’s hearts, you are the only team to send warmth in the middle of the night, thank mudanjiang police brothers!”Your hair is too long. You need a haircut!””What?The barbershops here are closed.”Listening to comrades in the corridor of the impatient “sigh”, Comrade Zhao Bing is a heart move, can make a temporary barbershop?Think of it at once.He mobilized his power to collect scissors and clippers for hairdressing, transformed the fabric used in school storage into hairdressing clothing, and found several combs, and the temporary barber shop of party members’ love team was officially opened.”First order of business, I took it!”Party members love team members, special police detachment political commissar Wang Guozhong picked up scissors in one hand, holding a comb in the other hand, seriously for the temporary barbershop first guest service……One night of time, 20 comrade-in-arms “MAO tou” was trimmed into the spirit of handsome “small board inch”, completely solved the comrade-in-arms “head” difficult.With the development of the work, the “business” of the love team is also constantly expanding, they built the power maintenance class, rushed to repair the circuit failure of the station and the personal small electrical appliances of the police;Opened the “love supermarket”, will guarantee the material classification, convenient for comrades to take free, take at any time;A literary and artistic team was also organized to arrange “short jokes” on the fight against the epidemic and send them to the comrades in arms by video, so that they could entertain themselves in their spare time.Comrade-in-arms have praised the love team do well!The warm heart action of the love team not only warmed the hearts of the auxiliary police, but also warmed the people of Suifenhe and the city of Suifenhe!Source: Longpolice New media + Mudanjiang Editor: Gao Xiaolan review: Ren Lijie