Quzhou County Natural Resources and Planning Bureau: create forest achievements benefit the whole people ecological Fengcheng add bright color

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Create national forest city work, quzhou county natural resources and planning bureau strictly implement the provincial party committee, provincial government proposed “three and four houses”, the “triple four and five optimization”, “three as a whole expanded four to create” work deployment, under the guidance of county party committee and government, to carry out the work of hardware and software work and to work towards a new stage, achieve new results.Strengthen propaganda into the brain and heart.First, strengthen media publicity.The use of television, the United States and other media publicity work, to create a good atmosphere of public opinion.The second is to set up propaganda signs.Making sculptures, plates and banners in the main streets of the county;Square, park, popular science park set up creative sen propaganda board, graphic interpretation board, science column, identification board.Third, publicity of ecological activities.Use “wildlife protection Day” and “Arbor Day” to publicize Chuangsen.Efforts to build “everybody is responsible for, all care about, all involved in” thick and create atmosphere, improve the work of the whole society to create a forest city of awareness, support and participation, through propaganda for most people to understand the nature nature, protect nature, cherish, let more social groups to join to the construction of forest city,Feel the charm of forest city and enjoy the welfare of urban forest.Afforestation beautifies the environment.First, urban greening improves grade.In accordance with the “road to add green, green, tear open wall through green square or yard to see the green” principle, the key of longhai, lotus lake park, fengming lake park, xinguang road and renmin road, shuguang road of high standard greening, formed with square, park, street green space for the node, the trunk road, two river landscape, unit yard, residential area as the backing,Green environment based on the point, line, surface of the urban greening system.Second, river canal greening landscape.Combined with the river chief system, in accordance with the standard of “purification, greening, beautification, optimization”, the overall planning, step by step implementation, focusing on the zhanghe river, fuyang River and other main river greening, landscaping, built a water system shelterbelt, forest water dependent, beautiful landscape of the river green ecological belt.Third, the village green painting background color.Around the country revitalization strategy, combining with the living environment improvement, strengthen rural collective economy, according to the “relying on the county-rural planning, organizing, idle lands to expand the green space, building forest village,” the basic train of thought, afforestation, add green, hing village, village to village, Lin road, garden, streets, space, courtyard and other appropriate greening greening area.Four is the farmland forest net weaving green belt.In accordance with the principle of “green is green, green is beautiful”, in accordance with the mode of “one road, two ditches and four rows of trees”, relying on national and provincial trunk roads, county and township roads, rural and field roads for greening, the construction of high standard farmland protection forest network.Popular science education enriches knowledge.Quzhou County jointly has 7 popular science base, including seedling industrial park, Huaiqiao township little brother eight village seedling base, Four tuan town ginkgo planting base, Quzhou Town Dezhong grape planting base, Quzhou County Longhai Park, Quzhou County Lotus Lake Park and Handan City Wanbang plant Maze Paradise Co., LTD.Use strong rural culture, traditional agriculture and forestry features such as plains, based on industrial park, planting base and so on, promote the building of general place, wide publicity and popularization of ecological and cultural knowledge, enhance the city’s public environmental protection consciousness and responsibility consciousness, to speed up the construction of ecological culture of the city of quzhou county forest pace, promote ecological culture connotation, comprehensively improve the image of the city,Be a second class for citizenship.Forest economy rich people increase income.Quzhou county integrated forestry resources, prominent characteristics, scientific planning, promote the forestry from a single forest management to multi-objective compound management transformation, to achieve short to raise long, enhance forestry sustainable development ability.First, the government should transform its functions, enhance its sense of service, and carry out various forms of technical consultation, knowledge and training so that farmers can master good technical skills and increase their incomes at a faster pace.2 it is firmly forests industry development is ecological construction and industrial development strong sustainable road concept, make full use of the county rich in forestland forests land resources and space environmental conditions, establish a forestry as the main body, animal husbandry and reasonable configuration, combined with long and short term development blossoms, forest, forest bacteria, Lin Qin, forest undergrowth livestock and special farming.The third is to build a comprehensive utilization model of sightseeing picking gardens and beautiful rural landscapes, and develop characteristic tourism relying on rich forests, beautiful rural construction and picking gardens.In recent years, quzhou county has achieved remarkable achievements in afforestation, and has been awarded the honorary title of National green Model County, Hebei Forest City, and several (towns and villages) national forest villages.Pan Changgeng Supervised by Yan Wujun Zheng Yan Editor in Chief Xu Jixia Shi Xiaolin Li Danhua Editor in chief Xu Jixia Handan client author/source Nine Schools of Observation Statement: All rights reserved.If there is a source marked 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