Spring Festival Gala ratings hot out, Dragon TV easily beat Hunan TV Zhejiang TV

2022-05-11 0 By

Every year during the Spring Festival, TV channels will launch fierce competition for the Spring Festival Gala. Good audience rating can not only bring a good start to the New Year for the platform, but also reshape the brand new influence of the platform. This year, who will be the biggest winner?Statistics show that the real-time audience rating of dragon TV’s Spring Festival Gala tonight reached 0.65%, nearly 0.1 percentage points higher than Hunan TV, beating Zhejiang TV four times the value, is the unquestioned winner of the first night of the Chinese New Year!This year, Dragon TV let ordinary people from all walks of life onto the stage, the Spring Festival Gala from cultural Shanghai, high-tech Shanghai, warm Shanghai, modern Shanghai and other dimensions, to create the “Shanghai culture” brand.The first reason for the show’s success lies in its strong guest lineup.Dragon TV’s Gala not only attracted popular comedians such as Jin Jing, Song Xiaobao, Yang Di, Jia Bing and Qiao Shan, but also popular stars such as Li Yuchun, Zhou Shen, Da Zhang Wei, A Yunga, Guan Xiaotong and Gong Jun.The second reason for the party’s success lies in its positive energy pattern.Singers Liao Changyong, Guo Sen and the Shanghai Radio and Television Choir and Xiaoying Xing teachers’ Choir sing “The Pilot” for “China Dream”.The musical sketch “Touch for Love” is based on the popular “Bear’s Paw Coffee” last year, and a large number of disabled baristas are invited to the stage to convey warmth and touching to the audience.The third reason for the party’s success lies in the excellent stage production.Gong Jun with “Gong Xi Fa CAI” first singing stage, also rare in the song into rap, and then with neat and uniform robot dance, instantly the Festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival directly pull full.Xie Na Zhang Jie this pair love each other for 16 years of fairies as soon as possible love to sing a song “small kite”, to three daughters, let a person listen to the heart warm, this is the legend of love the most beautiful appearance.Dragon TV’s Spring Festival Gala brings the audience happiness and warmth for the whole year with its tearful content, and actively conveys positive social energy. No wonder the audience rating has been high.