“The World” Zhou Bingkun: the more good, the more around the Wolf

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Some of the pictures in this article are from the Internet.”The world” broadcast to now, the topic of the highest heat when Zhou Bingkun this person.As zhou’s old pimple, Zhou Bingkun is zhou’s contribution most.Brother and sister are busy with their own affairs, he is the only person in the family to bear, but also for the sister to raise children.In a group of friends, he is also the most righteous one, no matter who is in trouble, as long as they can help him will not hesitate to lend a hand.But his kindness was not reciprocated.First Cao Debao and Chunyan came to him to help him to the house, completely a pair of you should help me tone, once not to bite back said he was ungrateful, and even Cao Debao also villain behavior to report his brother.Then he kindly lent his old house to the National Day couple to live, when their own home difficulties want to move back, but was the National Day wife said to be forced to death by him, not let him give the National Day to arrange a job to move.Not only friends are like this, even hard raised son Zhou Nan after meeting rich father, also only “he”, actually no longer call him father.Why is chow’s kindness and kindness always hurt?Don’t they always say a good turn goes around?Actually, it’s not.Because this kind of phenomenon is also everywhere in life, the more such a good man, the more the Wolf around.And this is all due to the good old man’s own behavior and decided.First of all, good guys don’t say no.They always want to do something if they can, even when the request is embarrassing.There is a first, there is a second, when others get used to this kind of unreasonable help, you say stop, the other party will fly into a rage, but feel you sorry for him.Cao Debao and Chunyan are typical examples.Second, there is a lack of boundaries for good Samaritan help.Interpersonal communication needs to be measured. Different identities and different relationships will correspond to different distances.But for the old good man, they do not understand, always pay without thinking.For example, in the play, Chow bingkun helps His sister to arrange work. In his eyes, his friend’s family is the same as his own, so he is attentive and warm.As a result, the other party fell in love with him and brought a period of trouble to life.He did well in the end, but had he understood the sense of boundaries, this would not have happened.Third, the old man lacks thinking about human nature.Being nice to others and helping others is seen by many as a sign of kindness.But in fact, these should be built on the basis of “people” first.To know, people are not the same, some people not only do not know how to be grateful, but also often “who is weak who is right”, and some people will even take advantage of your “kindness” to force you.Like the fourth of July wife.Kindness without thinking is stupidity.The most important thing is that the harm they bring to the old man often affects not only him, but also his relatives around him.For example, zhou Bingkun’s brother was reported because of him, and his wife Zheng Juan’s old house was also lent to others by him.It is good for people to help each other, but these help should have principles and bottom lines, and at the same time, we should consider what impact the help will have on ourselves.In the drama, Dongmei’s mother is a very principled person. She knows exactly what she can and can’t help, so she repeatedly refuses her daughter’s request to let Feng Yue live in the house.Rejection is not heartless, not selfish, but to protect themselves.It can also reduce a lot of unnecessary conflicts in life, as well as the harm that might happen in the future.Learning to reject and measure, learning to think about human nature, is the adult responsible for their own.Want to learn more wonderful content, quick attention to cloud and bicycle brigade ji read more articles I read: “know” workplace learning: how is aunt Lin from reduced to the most favored employees in the expulsion of “world” : from a pedicure workers to cause family double closed, Qiao Chunyan counter attack of three way: “in the” original Zhou Bingkun love Zheng Juan, is based on the three demands of men