The Year of the Tiger Spring Festival Gala singing the Fuchun River, the scenery is very beautiful, attracted many scholars praise

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On February 1, 2022, the first day of the Year of The Yin Tiger, the Spring Festival Gala “Remembering South of the Yangtze River” became a hot topic on Weibo.Poetry, calligraphy and painting, fishing hermit, music and dance, and even the stone and seal carving are all among them. The audience will taste the classics and explore the south of the Yangtze River in the painting scroll. The audience will be impressed by the beauty of Chinese history, mountains and rivers and culture.In Spring Festival gala “yi jiangnan” this program “live” in the rise of “fuchun mountains, rolling mountains, water, wide dozen jiangnan woman walked in the misty rain, gradually met the woodcutter, fishermen, reader, walkers, etc., they follow the music or singing, or poetry, very poetic, rhythm and aesthetic feeling.First, feng Yuanzheng, a walker, recited Wu Rong’s “Fu Chun” from the Tang Dynasty.Feng Yuanzheng looked calm, smiling, spit out: “There are mountains and water in the world, fuchun landscape is not human.Changchuan is not spring to green, line peak reflection falls in the meantime.”, bringing the audience into the beautiful scenery of the Fuchun River.”The world beautiful landscape, ancient and modern push fuchun.”Fuyang, since ancient times, beautiful scenery, smart, beautiful, pleasant scenery, all seasons.Spring, half peach blossoms everywhere, an top cloud tea fragrance;Summer, the new sand lotus reflecting day, Wang Zhou fishing boat sing late;Autumn, Yang Ginkgo golden, yushan rice full;Winter, Tongzhou Jiang Zhu Smoke Haze, Longmen Ancestral temple ji snow……The beauty of Fuyang has long been seen in the ancient and modern celebrity’s articles and poems and paintings.”Fuchunjiang mountain more good, son long map to get the name.”More than 600 years ago, huang Gongwang, a great painter of the Yuan Dynasty, painted the famous painting “Living in The Fuchun Mountains”, which gave countless people a taste of the beauty and beauty of the fuchun landscape.And this year’s Spring Festival Gala version of “Fuchun Mountain Dwelling map” is to make the ancient Fuchun landscape alive, eye-opening, amazing.In fact, ancient and modern poets, painters are often the same feeling, countless literati in past dynasties, also linger here, chant fuchun landscape style of poetry, great view, in these poems and songs fuyang is still very beautiful.If the tang Dynasty poet Wu Rong said, “There are mountains and water in the world, the landscape of Fuchun is not human.Changchuan is not spring to green, line peak reflection falls in the meantime.”Describe the beauty of The Fuchun River from a macroscopic perspective.So his “water into the mountains into the Fuchun, a picturesque sichuan wanqing new.Low cloud far tree sail to heavy, the tide falls cold sand bird frequency.”It is a microscopic description of the beautiful scenery of the Fuchun River, so that people can not help but emerge in front of a picture of clouds and smoke, banks and willows shaking new, a picturesque river scenery of spring against the sunset.In addition to wu Rong, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, there were many literary writers who praised the beautiful scenery of the Fuchun River in their poems. For example, Ji Xiaolan of the Qing Dynasty said in His Book The Beautiful Landscape from Fuchun to Yanling (Ii) : “Thick like spring clouds, light like smoke, jaggly green to the edge of the big river.Setting sun water push tent sit, cui color with people to get on the boat.”People in the fuchun river boat ride, feeling the day is green, water is green, mountain and water day also confuse, always a green desire.This poem by Ji Xiaolan is about this wonderful feeling.”Thick like spring cloud light like smoke”, both the two “like” word, can not say that what is written here must be cloud smoke.Then what is this cloud and smoke?It seems to be an empty green formed by “tianshan Common color”.It is difficult to distinguish the boundary between clouds (sky) and green mountains.This piece of empty green on “jagged green to the river.”The second sentence literally has another meaning — green to the river side of the empty cui, inevitably reflected in the blue water, showing the “blue color is not green color deep” (Yong Tao) analogy effect, especially beautiful.”Uneven” two words, is to see the shade of color near and far, by no means “one size fits all” also.This scenery is attractive, hence “setting sun water push tent sit” of love.The setting sun adds a contrast color to this green painting, which is inevitably “half river rustling and half river red” (Bai Juyi), but it does not destroy the green tone.”Flowing water” is no doubt to write the fuchun river, but also contains “floating from the flow”, by sailing their natural and unrestrained mood.The canopy covering the roof is movable and can be pushed up.The poet did not get out of the ship to see the river view, but “pushed the tent” sitting in the cabin to enjoy it, in order to see the mountains and waters all the way to yan Ling.So these three words also have meaning.The final “emerald green color wants to go on board with the person” one is a good sentence.”Cui Se” can “with people”, which is the subjective feeling of the ship and “along the river countless good mountain ying”, is not only a visual illusion, but also to give the scenery with human touch.Along the way, good mountains greet, how hospitable The Fuchun River is!And all the way with people, fuchunjiang is how much love yo!This “green color with people”, reluctant to part, even as “to get on the boat” to.The poet uses the personification method, not only writes the river scenery alive, but also writes the love for nature perfectly.In addition to the poems of Wu Rong in the Tang Dynasty and Ji Xiaolan in the Qing Dynasty, there are many poems singing the landscape of Fuchun.After all, the beautiful scenery of the Fuchun River, both in poetry and beyond, is so beautiful and beautiful that it is no wonder our venerable ancestors called Fuyang Fuchun.”Spring breeze ten miles not qing”, I wish you to meet flowers!Want to know more exciting content, come to the drunk East Maple