40 accounts attacked “liu Xuezhou, a boy seeking his family,” and were permanently banned from Weibo

2022-05-12 0 By

Weibo administrator regarding the recent incident of liu Xuezhou, a boy who has attracted the attention of many netizens, the weibo community has further searched for clues.Since the party received the private letter on January 12, to 0 o ‘clock on The 24th, a total of 1239 users have private letter exchanges with the party.According to laws and regulations, the station has no right to view the contents of users’ private messages.We checked the contents of relevant users’ recent public posts, comments and complaints reported by other users one by one.The situation is as follows: Among the 1,239 accounts, most of them publicly expressed their support and encouragement to Liu Xuezhou to live a strong life recently. Some users even posted their private conversations with Liu Xuezhou, which were warm, positive and full of love.Some of the accounts made objective comments or asked normal questions about the Liu Xuezhou incident.At the same time, some users made personal attacks, so the site imposed a permanent silence ban on 40 illegal accounts and imposed a silence ban on 52 accounts for 180 days to one year.In the next step, the station will continue to follow up the Liu Xuezhou incident, fully cooperate with the relevant government departments to investigate, so that the network atrocities can be effectively restrained and governed under the legal framework.Source: Thepaper.cn