Fantasy Journey to the West: is this suit the peak of non-limited edition?It looks good on a horse

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Fantastic journey to the West is staged every day wonderful anecdotes.Sincerely wish to give me some attention to the friends can make a fortune as soon as possible, take no level, to achieve our childhood dream!One player said he had recently put together a peak look of non-limited-edition clothing and was proud of it.I have to say.The golden horse is matched with a transformed golden coat.Red and gold gun in hand.The overall shape is really very handsome, there is a bit of the taste of the master.Also very much like the legend of the kind of online games can chop 9999 roles.To tell you the truth, fairy Tales is one of the best suits in the world.A good businessman and a bad businessman are complex and superior animals.There are many good people and many bad people.There are many profiteers and many conscience merchants.Like this businessman, his purchase price was high enough.Maybe he’s running out of relics lately.He collected $86, 000 for the first level, which should have been $170, 000 for the second level.But he charged $260,000 for a grade TWO black gem, much, much higher than anyone else.Tell me, is he a merchant of conscience?Of course, profiteers are also numerous, like this blatant cheating profiteers basically every district has a few.A player saw a man set up a stall in the village of longevity, very dislike, so he reported him.But when the player returned two hours later, he found that the merchant was not only fine, but the number of luminous beads purchased had changed from 18 to 12 now.Could it be that someone had been deceived, and had been deceived of six noctilucent beads anyway?This matter shows NetEase staff take money all day not to do a thing, all his niang is to eat dry rice.