“Female master is a piece of Tang’s monk meat” proud jiao female star wake up, wearing a novel in the small Tang’s monk

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Hello everyone, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this article.Recently many book fans do not know what to read good reaction, unknowingly into the situation of book shortage.As a super love network push novels I, thinking for a long time decided to read their own feel good novels to share with you, like reading fans, do not miss it, today small make up minutes to let friends see addiction don’t sleep, hee hee.Today xiaobian recommend to you: “Heroine is a piece of Tang Monk meat” proud jiao female star woke up, wearing a small tang Monk in the novel # refuse book waste # first: “Heroine is a piece of Tang Monk meat” author: He Jiaojiao introduction: “Heroine is a piece of Tang Monk meat” proud jiao female star woke up, wearing a small Tang Monk in the novel.Luo Xiaoying life is not good.She’s a little poor, a little lazy, a little lustful, a little short…She thought well, in her lifetime, she would meet more handsome men of good families, marry him again, and her life would be shorter, as long as she was happy.Into the pit guide: “investigate the case this matter is not urgent in a moment, not equal to us go to my ah Hei elder brother there to eat something.Come back when you’re full.”Luo Xiaoying round eyes simply bent into a crescent moon, see her mood will be particularly good, turned to ask a few other people, his face is still rippling not scattered smile.Everyone else had been waiting for their meal at the noodle shop when the incident had interrupted them, and now it was just as well to mention it as to feel the burning hunger surging in their bellies.Chen Lang quite cultured salute way: “that disturb.””Never mind, Heiggo has the best heart!And the cooking is good!Let’s go!”Luo Xiaoying went up and mixed wide cold, but was wide cold cleverly away.This guy, good intentions are bad.Luo Xiaoying dark turn an eye, stride meteor away.Guang Han followed slowly, his eyes becoming heavy. When he was dealing with the demon’s compass in the noodle shop just now, he had already used up some of his energy which he had been hard to save recently. Fortunately, it had just been 15 nights, otherwise he would surely have died.He stared at luo Xiaoying happy off of the back, eyes suddenly shed out of deep hate, as night just saw her.Fushu, if it is not you, how can I be so down and out, struggling between life and death.But……The hate gradually faded, dissipated in the wind.The thatched cottage was built next to the stately Sioux House and could easily have been mistaken for a Sioux house latrine or something.And crooked and loose, also do not know is the reason for the years long, or the repair of the people did not pay attention to, everywhere revealed perfunctory, or can change a good word called along with the nature, winter strong wind blowing, crumbling.There were two small, shabby “main rooms” at the entrance, with a four-cornered thatched pavilion on the east side, and several neat stones, one of which was particularly large, on which lay a few knick objects, which were clearly used as tables and benches by the owner.The wall on the west side next to Sue’s house was cluttered with wilted, old grass, a fence around the wall, some plants that didn’t look very strong, and a bamboo cage with two clucking chickens.”There is something wild about it.”Chen Lang nodded and commented.”I am a rough man, do not know what is not wild, you do not abandon good.”Ah-hei casually strolled over, as if greeting old friends, smiling to these strangers extremely friendly.”My cooking skills can only be described as edible, may not be to the taste of your guests, do not take offense.”Book 2: My Mistress, Su Blew up By Fenjie Nan Introduction: How to make a Large sum of money in a short time?Nan Wangshu: maybe……Want to have a huge rebellious boyfriend……South Wangshu always thought he was by the strength of customs clearance, and then was slapped in the face!How to get into the pit: The night before the game, everyone finally got a chance to touch their phones.However, this kind of nervous time, in addition to the mobile phone was taken up, but also worried about the lucky goose ding Birou, who did not have the idea to play mobile phone brush micro blog.Seeing the winner is not himself, Ding Birou was depressed, she also planned to wait for his win, stir fry this koi name.Since it is not her own, Ding Birou also did not follow, especially the winner’s weibo name, a word and she hated the name of the same person.7:00 p.m., eastside division game, right on time.The competition will be broadcast live, and the audience will decide whether to stay or not. The edited version will be shown on TV the next day.There is no game, draw to the round blank four people, the lens is much less obviously.Except for the chorus of one hundred people in the group as a unit at the beginning, the camera is placed on the stage at other times, and only in the gap between players on the stage or in the middle of the competition, several cameras are swept on the four people in rotation.That draw the round blank, will be a few minutes less kind of lens, the need for the game of the crowd, the balance of the heart a lot.How about going straight to the next round? This is a competition of “strength + popularity”. If you have strength and no popularity, you will be eliminated.Han Siyang learned that the competition is also related to popularity, began to worry about the next round of Nan Wangshu.However, she is in the first group, is the first stage of the competition, can only concentrate on their own competition, and so on the results of the continue to worry about.”Come on.”Nan Wangshu hands around horns on the face Shouting, she knows Han Siyang can not see, but this moment, she is han Siyang’s sister.After a week of hard training, Nan wangshu felt that Han Siyang and her team deserved the victory.(click the following link to read the novel) third book: “the strategy of the villain is black on my” author: to a cookie profile: rolling with climb all the way diligently to do the task of cloud find finally given the task of the s-class doors and see only one step away from victory, but kill out a is not to be black villain strategy target yan street.Online and so very anxious, my strategy target every day to kill my edge line walk how to break?Pit guide: “No.”Cloud seeks of deny let yan wugui mou son inside took some surprise, he twists eyebrow to see cloud to seek, resemble is waiting for her to go down to weave.”You don’t know.”Yun Mi took a deep breath and pulled out her book from inside her bag.She doesn’t want to sell out.But do not pull down her class gap with Yan wugui, that will always be separated by a layer of glass between each other.Of course.If selling miserably stirred Yan wuhui’s conscience, she could have made it worse.Yunmi thinks about the original plot she has seen, and Ai says, “My father cheated on me very early, and I have a brother who is three months younger than me.We are from the same father.””They don’t really want me anymore.”Yun Mi collects the dim in eye son, indifferent shrug: “that year my mother just died not a few months, my father took stepmother and younger brother into the door.””The three of them were so happy, I couldn’t get in.””I hate rich people too.”Yunmi kept saying, “I just wanted my father to pay more attention to me, but I didn’t.He hates me more and more, and I don’t want to please him, for he has left me without my mother.””I hope you don’t get tired of telling you this.”Cloud mi suddenly eyes rush red, canthus tears are about to fall.Yan does not return the heart a shock, then cloud mi heard the voice of the brain.”I don’t want people to know me like this and feel sorry for me.I don’t want it.”Cloud mi each word all said in yan did not return to the heart, the ripples.”Serves you right.””Said Yan Wugui.Yun Mi smoked on her face and lay down on the table.Yan wugui that is really stubborn mouth, obviously love her, but also scold her.She rubbed her thighs darkly. She was so hard that she probably pinched the flesh green.”It’s nothing.”When Yunmi thought that this unconscionable man would continue to be indifferent, Yan Wugui said, “People live for themselves.There is no need to seek favor, nor is your father worthy.””Yes.”Yun Mi was delighted.”Reading.”(Click the link below to read the novel.) 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