Feng Fei conducted a field survey of the integrated development of Yangpu District in Danzhou

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On February 9, Governor Feng Fei went to Danzhou and Yangpu for a day’s on-site research on the development of the integrated development of Yangpu in Danzhou. On February 10, he chaired a special meeting of the provincial government in Haikou to discuss and study this work.Mr. Feng line successively came to danzhou binhai new area, danzhou, danzhou neutralization town industrial park detective park, qinlan town producing fusion comfortable housing project (phase I), the site of the project, research areas and the project planning and construction, the whole domain pilot project to promote the comprehensive improvement of land and the people’s livelihood projects, etc., and take a boat on the qinlan bay research Hong Kong city integrated development planning, etc.Feng called for a high starting point and a high standard for the planning and design of the new area, and improvement of transportation, education, medical and other infrastructure.Explore the development of rail transit and other efficient modes of transportation, and form a one-center, multi-cluster urban development pattern;Introduce first-class development subjects in the construction, plan a number of key projects, adhere to a set of policies, a set of plans, and build a high-quality modern city.The park should focus on cultivating key industries such as advanced manufacturing and international trade, and attract world-class brands to settle in.We should integrate comprehensive land improvement with rural revitalization and ecological restoration, introduce market capital, and create new business models.At the site of the yangpu Production-city integration housing project (phase I), Feng learned about the demolition and resettlement and the construction of bielefeld University of Applied Science and Technology in Germany in detail, and visited the construction workers at the front line.He pointed out that it is necessary to improve supporting facilities, comprehensively improve people’s living standards after relocation, increase cooperation with world-class education institutions, and make up for the shortage of professional and skilled personnel.At the provincial government symposium, participants listened to the report on the preparation of the master Plan of the Gulf region.Feng fei pointed out that the overall spatial planning should be carried out in a high standard to form a spatial layout of “one city with many gardens” and solve the contradiction between danzhou and Yangpu.To carry out the planning and construction of the start-up area with high quality, reflecting the characteristics of coastal areas and Hainan;We will set up the concept of traffic first and strive to start construction of a number of transport infrastructure projects this year.Provincial leaders Xu Qifang, Wang Bin and Ni Qiang and provincial government Secretary General Fu Xuanchao attended the above activities respectively.The original title: Mr. Feng in research in danzhou qinlan integration points out that the high starting point high standard planning design work High quality create modern new city source: hainan daily journalist client: li lei photography: shuo director on duty: ChuYu director on duty: Shi Yajie content review: 陈咏 chess editor: Zhou Yu feel good point