Foshan Shunde “Tiger Tiger Shengwei” start season | “World Top 500” Toyota Synthetic project started in Daliang, planning to build a digital intelligent demonstration factory

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Ouyang Zhiqiang, a media reporter from Yangcheng Evening News, on February 8, as the site sounded the horn, 8 hook machines go hand in hand, the project officially started construction, the 2022 Shunde District of Foshan City Daliang street “Spring Start season” series of activities officially launched.In the afternoon of February 8th (early 8th), the first important celebration activity of the Year of the Tiger in Dliang street — the contract signing and groundbreaking ceremony of Toyota Synthetic Auto parts manufacturing project was successfully held in the land east of Lungri Road and north of Hengsan Road in Honggang Science and Technology City.On the same day, Liu Zhiyong, member of foshan Municipal Standing Committee and Secretary of Shunde District Committee, Liang Weipei, member of Foshan Municipal Standing Committee and Deputy District Head, and other district and street leaders attended the activities.At the ceremony, Hiroshi Fukui, chairman of Toyota Gosei (China) Investment Co., LTD., who was far away from Shanghai, witnessed the event and delivered a congratulatory speech.Xiang Jing Hao, general manager of Toyota Goji (Foshan) Parts Co., LTD., signed the “State-owned Construction Land Use Right Transfer Contract” and “Construction Project Investment Agreement” with the municipal Natural Resources Bureau and daliang Sub-district office respectively, and introduced the situation of the new project.It is reported that in 2004, Toyota Gosei (Foshan) Auto parts Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Toyoda Gosei Corporation, one of the “world top 500” enterprises, settled in Dala Wusha Industrial Park.At present, Toyoda Goshi owns 127 mu of land in Shunde, with sales of about 1.7 billion yuan and tax payment of about 95.34 million yuan in 2021.Due to the capacity saturation of the existing Daliang Wusha factory, in order to cooperate with the production increase plan of the oAS factory, Toyota Goshi moved the automobile steering wheel die-casting business located in Zhangjiagang production base to Shunde District, and again located in Daliang to build a high-standard digital and intelligent demonstration factory to meet the future capacity demand and expand production business.According to reports, the total land area of the new project is about 54,000 square meters, which is the high-quality land space sorted out by Daliang through village transformation and relocation, for the capital increase and production expansion of Toyota Goshen.With a total investment of 500 million YUAN, the project is scheduled to start construction in April 2022 and be completed and put into operation by the end of 2024.It is estimated that the annual sales volume of Dachan is 700 million yuan, and the annual tax payment of Dachan is 48.6 million yuan. The total tax payment in the first two years after dachan is established is no less than 102 million yuan.New project will introduce advanced production equipment, the configuration information digital control system, set up the Internet connected space, to achieve the quality of the product tracking, control, optimization and intensive production, strengthen the management of data collection, process monitoring, equipment operations, to build the digital equipment rate exceeds 60%, nc equipment LianWangLv by more than 60% of a high standard digital intelligent demonstration plant.Big good working committee secretary of the street Li Jianrong said, big good street has always attached great importance to enlarge effective investment, go all out to promote investment and major projects, attract Toyota synthesis in recent years, electronic lu, century splendor of a batch of major projects, such as good projects are set, big good economic high quality for the future development laid a solid foundation.Next, Daliang Street will closely focus on creating a first-class business environment, promoting the digital and intelligent transformation of the industry and other aspects, continue to cultivate fertile ground for enterprise investment and business development, provide the most superior environment and the best service for industrial development and project construction, and make every effort to promote the early start, completion and effect of the project.The year of 2022 is the beginning of the construction of high-quality development demonstration zone in Shunde, and also a key year for Daliang to promote high-quality development in an all-round way and build the core area of the southern metropolis.Li Jianrong said, big good street will with inside and outside and urban comprehensive environment, the more reasonable industrial structure, pragmatic work style reveal “first” bear, Benedict line construction, ecological fine fine fine, “big beautiful city”, and constructing the diversified development, multipolar support “city” of good, shaping efficient governance, security and harmonious “rectification good city”.In order to ensure the year got off to a good start, big good street planning “of the spring season starts” series of activities, involving the shore water conservancy, industrial development, urban construction and environment promotion and rural revitalization of a total of 27 job, each run (the), community (village) will be progressive, to implement the tasks, various aspects work together hand in hand.Source | yangcheng evening news, Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | li cheng