Henan woman for eight consecutive years with a bundle of 1 yuan cash haircut, boss: long time feel

2022-05-12 0 By

A woman in Puyang, Henan province, has used a bundle of one-yuan notes to collect 1,000 yuan a year for eight consecutive years.Holding the neatly bundled and heavy cash, Ms. Meng, the barber shop owner, said, “I feel like I’ve never felt ritual for a long time.”Nine Party news reporters contacted Meng and learned that the customer was an acquaintance who ran a business at home and received small change.For eight consecutive years, before the Chinese New Year, he would come to the shop to have his hair cut, with a bundle of 1,000 yuan cash charge cards, and then the haircut money would be deducted from the card.Each year the customer sorted out the money, one by one, and tied it up into bundles to give away or deposit in the bank.”In previous years, the money he brings in is old, wrinkled and full of coins, but this is the first time it’s so new.””The first time I saw a bundle of 1,000 yuan, I was surprised and reluctant to spend it, but later I got used to it and it didn’t hurt to spend it,” Meng said.Every year, the day after receiving the money happens to be xiao Nian, which is also The birthday of Ms. Meng’s father, and she uses the cash to buy birthday gifts for him.Carrying a wad of cash, the head turned, and everyone wondered.Ms. Meng told Nine Party News that as a regular customer, it doesn’t matter if you have more or less money.If you take it out for consumption, others will look at it for a while and check it one by one, which is understandable.Now the store is all mobile payment, holding this bundle of money has a long time feel.Ming Wenjing, a news intern of nine parties