I was admitted to The Central United States for the second year of study. My father broke the paint because of my love for painting, and I became famous for my strong painting skills

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This year, the long jin lake movie fire through the great river north and south many great Jackson acting as TFboys combination, Jackson most not to like to talk is not don’t want to express, but among three people accustomed to the silent, Jackson is one of the most effort and can spell ▼ bring about the graph is the painter left hand holding a pen — Zhao Yangyi Yang thousand seal give you the biggest impression is:Comely, handsome, and a little childish, he is a very lovely boy. In the eyes of fans, he is a big boy with both acting and appearance level.In 2005 and 2006, he won the fourth place in the national Central Beauty Examination. In 2005, he won the first place in drawing and color in the National Central Beauty Examination. In 2006, he got full marks in the creation course.”Are both good TV fire through the great river north and south many fans exclamation yao and ni da hong great acting superb acting worked up at this time, the audience Zhao Yang teacher drew a all major role through Su Mingyu/yao bring exquisite brushwork, the facial features charm is in place Su Mingcheng/Guo Jingfei bring neets mama male Su Mingcheng treasure,Is also made fine dad Su Daqiang toss about not easy.Su Mingzhe/Gao Xin ▲ Eldest brother Su Mingzhe is really good acting, only rely on a mobile phone can spirit spirit audience, Su Daqiang/Ni Dahong a very love to make and lovely old man stir up children home can not be peaceful half lying on the ground frowning “I don’t eat I don’t drink, I want money!”For a while open the window pretend jump building, “I still have what face alive!”A moment to open half a window to meow in the “secretly observe” and a moment two eyes dull, lying on the desk to read “I want to buy a house” ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha lovely old man Zhao Yang with charcoal brush su Daqiang facial features vividly vividly some net friends said, I su Daqiang in addition to bags under the eyes is the beauty of the golden age,More than good looks “sin” – yishan zhang yishan zhang image very well a person can hold up the show without yishan zhang, may the play will beat bring charcoal sketch – yishan zhang Zhao Yang teacher best sketches, drawings, sketch, color chalk powder painting is his specialty is his best work the sketch His every subtle sketch,Delicate and exquisite, in particular, the beauty of the pen is simply flooded he drew Yamada Naomi, is painting than the star himself is also good-looking ▼ Every sketch fine and detailed, zhang Zhang is a masterpiece of these works, all of her left hand to draw many people asked him, you since childhood with the left hand painting?Zhao Yang said: “I was not left-handed at the beginning, but left hand painting was actually caused by an accident. When I was playing basketball, my right hand was injured for some time, and I was fond of painting at that time, so I used to draw with my left hand for fun, but later I got used to using my left hand, and now I prefer to draw with my left hand.Do you have any secret to share with us?Teacher Zhao Yang: First of all, you should love painting, and second, you should be diligent. I just came to Beijing in the senior year of high school. Although I have certain art foundation, I still have a certain gap compared with other painting friends.”I often went to the railway station to draw pictures. I bought a standing ticket to draw sketches at the railway station. I spent the whole evening drawing pictures on the train.For example: “the painting is not like” “type are crooked” “not enough three-dimensional, no god” said, was laughed at…Zhao Yang teacher figure sketch steps with a picture model is very accurate and detailed his drawing tools are all used charcoal shadow directly with’s written test is for alarming effect brush exquisite and delicate relationship between light and shade in this texture love strong modelling accurate vivid love bust appliance with the painting was never enough since he doesn’t like us are fairly form but good proportion of the left hand or casual brush brush,At first I thought it was a soul painter, but finally the finished product was no problem. The precise and solid local details of the great God level could not be drawn without more than ten years of experience. Now many students say that they dare not go outside to draw for fear of being laughed at, I told them:Don’t be afraid to draw boldly. I have been there since then. This is a process that we have to go through forever.Zhao Yang has always maintained that more than 10 years of honed his mind he has published many books ▼ ▼ ▼ “we”, in the mind, the 60th anniversary of the sketch of the central academy of fine arts works with the sketch bust — the perfect teaching quality books, day after day boring training let Zhao Yang efforts got the affirmation and working process is thousands of high intensity training day and nightAnd he’s self-discipline bring here year after year student Zhao Yang student Zhao Yang, because too like drawing, because drawing by my father when I was a kid, because often with painting as an excuse to not learn literacy class, have time because didn’t write my homework, just copy a picture on the table, the smashed my dad put my paint.My father said that no matter how good you are at painting, if you are not good at culture, you will not be able to go to any school. When I heard this sentence, I was shocked.The picture is zhao Yang’s painting — Drawing still Life. The picture is Zhao Yang’s painting — Honey on the palm of your hand, what is the “genius”?The so-called “talent” is the result of continuous effort and learning, and the accumulation of grapes. In recent years,Zhao Yang teachers love to study toner paintings and created a great number of excellent works, especially his toner beauty beautiful girl and strong colors for a long time can’t forget ▼ dance ballet girls in addition to outside of the studio teaching he often study abroad western painting art to absorb the essence of western painting on toner excellent and charm “painting is to keep on learning,Constantly enrich yourself, dare to challenge, you can have a breakthrough. “Painting, do not rush for success, do not manic, choose a right place, guard a wall of flowers picture from @ Left hand pen — Zhao Yang, copyright to the original author all, prohibit commercial use