Ministry of Education: “double reduction” is still a top priority this year

2022-05-12 0 By

The Ministry of Education has released 35 key points for 2022.Notable is, “ShuangJian” is still the top priority in the work in 2022, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Education work especially put forward to keep “ShuangJian” on the prominent position, consolidate the achievements, perfecting mechanism, eliminate blind spots, improve level, maintaining stability, strengthening supervision, and will provide guidance for the discipline class difference between training institutions, and reflect the public property, to achieve normalized regulation,Prevent the emergence of new savage growth.The Ministry of Education proposed to focus on consolidating the reduction of discipline training institutions, in statutory holidays, rest days, winter and summer holidays to guide the implementation of regular inspections, resolutely shut down.Increase the investigation and punishment of invisible variation training, and carry out special management.Standardizing the behavior of training fees, strengthening the supervision of training fees in advance.We will promote legislation on supervision of off-campus education and training, strengthen law enforcement, improve law enforcement capabilities, and do a good job in law enforcement inspections.The Ministry of Education puts forward, to provide guidance to carry out the training of high school science class strict adherence to implement the policy of compulsory education stage, and to establish the national school education training expert committee, building off-campus training social supervisor team, broaden the channels of social supervision, to form the whole society to participate in the regulation and broad support outside the good atmosphere of training management, using “ShuangJian” monitoring platform,Continue to track and monitor relevant indicators.At the stage of compulsory education, the Ministry of Education also proposed to issue opinions on building a quality and balanced basic public education service system, guide the work of building a quality and balanced compulsory education in counties, fully implement the comprehensive coverage of nearby enrollment without examination and the “same enrollment for all citizens”, and guide local governments to improve the school allocation policy.In addition, the Ministry of Education will implement the 14th Five-Year Plan for the Development and improvement of preschool education, further improve the level of universal access to preschool education, strengthen the construction of kindergartens in urban areas where the new population and floating population are concentrated and in rural areas, strengthen the verification and recruitment of teachers in public kindergartens, and ensure that teachers receive equal pay for equal work.County of average high school education will be the implementation of “difference” development promotion action plan, start the implementation of the county managed to support project, to speed up the development characteristics of average high school variety, full implementation of new curriculum teaching material, to strengthen the characteristic leading the healthy development of the high school school, strictly implement the state run by the local synchronization of average high school student recruitment and admissions policy of possession.The Ministry of Education will steadily advance the reform of the examination and enrollment system.About the high school entrance examination, the Ministry of Education will accelerate the realization of provincial unified proposition;As for the college entrance examination, the Ministry of Education proposed that the fifth round of comprehensive reform of college entrance examination will be launched steadily, and relevant provinces will be guided to formulate reform plans in light of local conditions and organize their implementation.We will deepen the reform of examination content and improve the content system for comprehensive examination of moral, intellectual, physical, American and labor.We will carry out classified examinations in higher vocational colleges and focus on selecting and training high-quality technical and technical personnel.In terms of higher education, the Ministry of Education proposed to further promote the “double first-class” construction in 2022, and improve the multiple evaluation system and the regular monitoring system according to the different laws and demand standards of talent cultivation in basic research, engineering technology, humanities and social sciences.We will gradually dilute the identity of first-class universities and universities with first-class disciplines, explore development models with different characteristics, and launch a new round of key joint construction of “double first-class” by the Ministry of Education and provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) to strengthen overall planning and coordination.The Ministry of Education proposes to concentrate on gathering a group of strategic scientists, leading academic talents and high-level innovation teams to cultivate a large number of outstanding young talents with international competitiveness. It will also strengthen the training of talents in basic disciplines and carry out special construction activities in basic disciplines such as majors, courses, textbooks and practical conditions.At the same time, we will actively explore mechanisms for early discovery, selection and training of top-notch innovative talents, step up the implementation of the plan to strengthen the foundation, and support the reform of personnel training that integrates bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctoral degree.In 2022, the Ministry of Education will also implement a key action to revitalize higher education in the central and western Regions in the new era, create a “Western Triangle” for higher education development in the central and western regions, implement the “MoOCs Travel plan 2.0”, and provide targeted support to universities in the western regions.