“Pengnian Stone ladle” Euro into raw ore purple mud (black star soil) 220ml euro made.Wei-tao liu act the role ofing

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Reward. | European manufactured into purple clay (black soil) 220 ml euro into system.Liu Weitao acted the role of Ou Cheng: born in ding Shan, pottery capital, under the tutelage of Li Weiming, a powerful faction of square implements, and thanks to the attainments of Chufeng, the son of Chuli, good at seeking the inspiration of purple sand creation from life, adhering to the essence of traditional culture of pot making, the work strives for excellence, dignified and elegant, and the future is afraid.New strength pottery hand, since childhood, after graduation began to learn pot art creation.Under the tutelage of li Weiming, a powerful party of square-ware, the pot making skill was rapidly improved by the master’s guidance.Later with the Jiangsu arts and crafts master Chuli’s son Chufeng advanced study, after years of dedication to the study of pot art, training hand excellent purple sand pot modeling design and production ability.With the aesthetic sense of fear and born, jumping thinking, collection of hundreds of long, good at absorbing the essence of classical art, the system of works of deep foundation, chic modeling, smooth lines, vivid!