Russian study language if customs clearance

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Russian university application process is relative and simple, with a certain degree of national staff can go to Russia to study abroad.In which, with high, technical secondary school diploma (or equivalent) can apply for a bachelor’s degree certificate (there are also students to choose Russia’s traditional five-year higher vocational education, university graduate to obtain the authoritative expert qualification certificate);Applicants with bachelor’s degree certificate can apply for master’s degree;Master can apply for a PhD candidate.Applicants who have the “Russian Federal Government Open German Certificate examination” level 2 qualification certificate or university Russian major diploma can immediately enter the school.If applicant German does not have certain standard, Russian college sets division of preparation, in division of preparation learns to groom a year to a year and a half, can rise college after taking an examination of question according to German job ability.For applicants, “Russian education information network” with Russian universities section, the plate in accordance with the colleges and universities belong to the region, city and professional category, and its college rankings to carry out classification of colleges and universities.Before applying for institutions, applicants can master the school situation in detail according to the city they expect to enter and the technical major and institution they want to choose.The recruitment of International students in Russia is undertaken by the foreign affairs office of colleges and universities. Some schools, like Moscow University, have foreign affairs Office in all departments and colleges. The college web page is generally given the contact number of the foreign affairs Office of colleges and universities.Russian colleges and universities give dormitory, the cost of each college is different, but basically in 100 DOLLARS up and down, there are a few regional colleges and universities are likely to be lower.According to the Statistics Bureau of the Russian Federal Government, the average salary of employees in Moscow from 2015 to 2017 was 66,562 rubles, equivalent to more than $1,000.By salary treatment this can be seen, go abroad in Russia to read a postgraduate living expenses is not easy to be too high, Russia Moscow and St Petersburg city average monthly 300 DOLLARS to 500 dollars can basically achieve daily expenses.Study abroad Russia can enjoy policy support.In 2012, China and Russia signed the China-Russia Cultural Cooperation Action Plan, which clearly stated that the total number of students to be sent between the two countries should reach 100,000 by 2020.China Scholarship Council has set up “New Joint Training Program for Outstanding Talents in Chinese and Russian Art majors”, “Training Program for Technical Professionals in Russia” for undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students, and “Application program for Outstanding students in Russia” for outstanding self-funded students to study for a higher level of bachelor’s degree.At the same time, the Russian government departments give foreigners a quota of 15,000 a year to study and train in Russia at public expense.In 2017, the quota for Chinese students was 800, higher than any other CIS country.To learn more