Sun Yingying won the world no. 1, but encountered fans doubt!Three big game without crown continuation Chen Meng embarrassed

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Sun Yingsha has overtaken Chen Meng to become the new world Number one, according to the latest ITTF rankings.However, some fans have raised doubts about this first.After Macao, the International Table Tennis Federation did not hold an Open tournament. Shasha’s world No. 1 was obtained by revising the rules, which was different from Chen Meng’s actual combat.Salsa world first belongs to “unearned”, three big series without crown continuation Chen Meng embarrassment.Many fans also look forward to Sasa can ascend the world no. 1 as soon as possible, but did not expect her to ascend the world No. 1 way, unexpectedly did not cost a troop, did not play any game, the International Table Tennis Federation modified the integral rules, so suddenly “parachuted” to her head.1. Sasa’s world number one ranking is more genuine if she wins points in actual combat.It is not derogatory to say that Sasha is no. 1 in the world. It is also true.Chen Meng, also known as the “Queen of Open”, achieved her world No. 1 ranking by herself in one stop, including the World Cup and The Olympic Games.Macao before the match, Sha sha and Chen Meng’s integral gap, there are more than 600 points.If the International Table Tennis Federation can hold more open tournaments in the form of “safe bubble”, Sun Yingsha is likely to rely on her own, to get the championship points of one open championship, to narrow the gap with Chen Meng.In particular, Chen Meng and Sasha, who are ranked the top two in the world, will be seeded first and second in two halves before the opening match, and will not meet until the women’s singles final.Recently, Wang Man Yu and Chen Meng two times in a row in the top half, Chen Meng in 6 consecutive defeats Wang Man Yu, to reach the final and win the title is very difficult.Therefore, Sun Yingsha in the integral reverse Chen Dream’s possibility also further increases.Now, however, after the ITTF changed the points rules, Sasa effortlessly took the world No. 1 spot.The world number one ranking may not satisfy Chen’s fans.In addition, Chen Meng has been in the national team for 14 years. It was not until she won the women’s singles in the 2020 World Cup that Chen Meng, the world no. 1, got out of the embarrassment of not winning singles in three major tournaments.Similarly, Sun yingsha’s World Cup final victory in Singapore was not a traditional women’s World Cup title, nor was it classified as a world champion.Therefore, after Sasa climbed to the world No. 1 position, also appeared like Chen Meng, as the world No. 1 but no major singles champion coronation situation.Liu Guoliang to Sun Yingsha is out of encouragement, competition singles without a crown, or for dual reasons.Liu Guoliang is very important to Sun Yingsha, even her role is more than the “first sister” Chen Meng.In the 2019 World Cup team competition and the Women’s team final of the Tokyo Olympic Games, Liu Guoliang let Sun Yingsha serve as the no.1 singles to single against ITO Mimato.1. The title of world No.1 is not important, only solve the shortcomings can make a breakthrough in the competition.Actually, the world No. 1 is not that important to Chinese players.Liu shiwen fell out of the world’s top 10 and beat Wang Yidi and Sun Yingsha in Macau.Shasha, as the best of the new generation, has always been favored by fans, but she is now compared with wang Manyu, the world champion of women’s singles, and Chen Menglai, the Olympic champion of women’s singles, she is really behind in the competition singles.There are two reasons for this situation: first, Shasha’s scoring means is to rely on the first three boards, the strength of holding defense is not too thick.As long as Chen Meng and Wang Man yu resist her first three boards of attack, Chen and Wang two counterattack back, that Sasha’s ability to defend, far worse than her attack.Secondly, there is no coach in charge, and the shortcomings have not been solved.Before and after the Tokyo Olympics, Sun Yingsha has been in a state of “free-range”.Liu Guoliang said two words, Li Yang again to guide, huang Haicheng before leaving the team to Sun Yingsha, also not much heart.Hebei coach Yang Guangdi himself said, “I can’t teach Shasha anything when I come to the national team.”On the other hand, Chen Meng had Ma Lin’s guidance, and Xiao Zhan went to Heilongjiang to supervise Wang Manyu in the National Games.There is no permanent head coach to help sasha improve her backhand grip.Therefore, there were also the World Cup, Olympic Games lost to Chen Meng, world Table Tennis championships final lost to Wang Manyu.In terms of technical links, Shasha’s ability to attack the first three boards and forehand is stronger than That of Chen Meng and Wang Manyu. Her weakness is that she lacks the stability and foundation of backhand hold when the backhand hold is dominant.How do you view Sun Yingsha in this way, won the world no. 1?Does the world number one live up to its name?Welcome to comment and discuss, thank you for your attention!I am a boy of the riding temple.