The “mainstream” and “non-mainstream” of smart key cabinets!Exas: Thank you for your help

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If you are a crosstalk fan without a faction, you may have heard the following sentence: “Non-mainstream crosstalk actor XXX thanks my breadwinner….”The term “non-mainstream” came into vogue in the last few years. At first, some “fashionable men and women” dressed up as avant-garde and founded some “non-mainstream” families.Who can think of a day will be used in different “genres” above, to today in many industries have mainstream and non-mainstream points, the field of intelligent key cabinet is no exception.Mainstream key cabinet Mainstream key cabinet in fact non-mainstream this word is not a derogatory term, with the words in the market can be understood as “non-market main circulation of goods”, but relatively mainstream products for its user range is smaller, only that.But when it comes to the smart key cabinet, it means another thing, which is the difference between functions!Swipe card, face, fingerprint unlock;Computer software, WEB, mobile APP management platform;Cabinet body material is qualitative, style, match to wait a moment, tell the truth the product on market is basically same.But some manufacturers will pick a certain point to enlarge, become the selling point of the product.At this point, everyone knows that the function is the same, so if you zoom in on this one, I’ll zoom in on the other one, just to make my product look a little bit better.If you carefully compare each of the products will find this problem, such manufacturers can be said to be the “mainstream products” in the field of smart key cabinets.That’s what some users want, so there’s no need to develop other features.Essex also has such products and holds a certain market share.But beyond that, there are some “off-mainstream” products, such as self-locating key cabinets.Automatic positioning key cabinet automatic positioning key cabinet can not be said to have no on the market at present, can only say to have not found other friends business developed this kind of function.Most of the products mentioned above are fixed return devices, which mainly rely on the user’s literacy to maintain normal operation.If I take out a dozen keys at a time or more than a dozen people take the keys, THEN I have to find the key position in order to return the keys, just think about the time when busy work?I think the easiest thing to do would be to throw it in the key locker and put it back in it when someone else or I’m free.You’ve all heard of the butterfly effect. How does the next person imitate the butterfly effect?Or did someone happen to use a key that was not returned correctly?Therefore, Exas automatic positioning function key cabinet has a market demand, do not set the position of each key, do not rely on the use of people to maintain the operation, you have to do is to take the key and return the key, and is free to return, see where there is a space to insert where!Move from human judgment to systematic judgment.When we want to take the key, the id card will become the trigger mechanism, the system identifies the user authority to find the key position, and then controls the light to give a hint.”Mainstream” or “non-mainstream”, in order to meet different user needs, each brand has its own positioning, if there is no eye-catching function, the brand will not have an independent identity, follow the trend will eventually be eliminated by the market.Exas thanks friends for the foil!