Upgrade to 8AT!CRV at the same level, 159,700, this tianyi C5 AIRCROSS sex price is good

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Upgrade to 8AT!Same as CRV, 159,700, unfortunately, high price but poor sales.In the domestic car market, German and Japanese cars are the most direct competitors. When one of them performs poorly, the other side will share more market shares. In the past year, Volkswagen started to decline, and besides the Domestic cars, The Japanese cars benefited the most.As early as two or three years ago, 8AT has become a major selling point of a car, the Chinese people also like it, the market has also launched several 8AT cars, some cars are all upgraded 8AT, such as today’s protagonist Tianyi C5 AIRCROSS, and the recent new changan CS75PLUS, the second generation.However, the two series 8AT mentioned today, the fate is completely different, the latter second generation changan CS75PLUS is destined to be a big seller, and Tianyi C5 AIRCROSS has not changed its niche fate.The current guide price of Tianyi C5 AIRCROSS is 159,700 yuan, and there are quite high discounts, even in front of such popular cars at the same level as CR-V, it also has a very high cost performance.Tanyi C5 AIRCROSS is not the product strength, France is also a hundred years of building car heritage, and Tanyi C5 AIRCROSS overall performance is not good.Why not?Perhaps the reason is too “alternative” bar!Not localized enough to capture the needs of the Chinese people.So, too much pursuit of self, it will appear very lonely, we say is not?The appearance design and interior design of TIayi C5 AIRCROSS are very special, and the materials are also good. Overall, it is satisfactory. Moreover, its technology level is not bad.The overall configuration of The Tay C5 AIRCROSS is also satisfactory, which is equipped with Citroen’s original chassis adjustment technology and Grip Control enhanced intelligent multi-road condition adaptation system, as well as a set of ADAS advanced driver assistance system, so that the driving quality, safety and handling of the car has reached a balanced level.Gives the impression of comfortable, well-handled driving.The space performance is also good, 4510/1860/1670mm, wheelbase 2730mm, except for the length of the car is not dominant, other sizes have reached the mainstream level, trunk is 516L~1310L, can basically meet the needs of daily use.In terms of power, the Tanyi C5 AIRCROSS is available in 1.6T and 1.8T versions, with power output of 125KW/250Nm and 155KW and 300Nm respectively, providing adequate power performance and acceptable fuel economy.Conclusion: Due to the insufficient influence of brand power and insufficient localization of products, Tianyi C5 AIRCROSS has always been in the lineup of niche cars, but looking at this car alone, there is still product power.Photo statement: source network, if there is infringement please contact the author to delete!