Warm winter day light up my wuling tax voluntary activities warm rework road

2022-05-12 0 By

Volunteers answer questions from passers-by.Rednet Moment Changde, February 10 (Correspondent Yang Jiwei) At the beginning of February, the weather is warm and cold, the ground of the railway station still remains after melting snow water, a group of volunteers in red vests, despite the winter, shuttle in every corner, let every stranger on the road, feel the power of volunteers goodwill.During the volunteer activity, volunteers from Wuling Tax Bureau provided passengers with advice on travel routes, self-service ticket purchase, baggage handling and transfer to free buses at the entrance and exit. More than 300 masks were handed out for free.Photo taken at the event.”Thank you young man, if it weren’t for your help I still really don’t know how to deal with temporary ID card.”An old lady gave a thumbs-up of gratitude.Wuling tax volunteers adhering to the “far learn nearly learn Tian Gong” lei feng’s spirit, in this cold winter day, willo volunteers busy figure with his own practical action to reveal the youth power, become the station outside a warm jumping notes, they to demonstration, shows the tax man good social image, effectively share the station staff working pressure,Also for the past passengers, to send a sincere and warm.