“Wave sister 3” the latest list out, Coco Lee was replaced by Han Xue, the biggest coffee is the host

2022-05-12 0 By

After the opening of the first season, the show quickly went out of business and became the most popular variety show at present.Now, season 3 of “Big Wave” is back on the air, and the cast list for the show’s third season has surfaced online.Similar to the list published online before, the only thing that netizens can’t accept is that Coco Lee is not participating.In the previous list, Coco Lee was invited to appear in the third season of the show, which made many netizens very excited, knowing that Lee’s singing and dancing skills are worthy of international competition.If she were on the show this season, it goes without saying that with her stature and strength, she would start at C.There is no coco Lee on the latest list.According to netizens, Coco Lee has been replaced by Han Xue.Netizens are not happy again. Why should Han Xue replace Coco Lee?Han Xue is just an actress. Although she sings well, she doesn’t have the strength to replace Coco Lee.Does the show want to promote Han Xue this season?This reminds me of han Xue’s participation in various variety shows over the years. Before that, she also participated in “Director Please Instruct” as a director. Her work was not so good, but she still made it to the last round.So this time she replaced Coco Lee in the third season of “Sister Wave”, it seems that she is rushing to make her debut.Without Coco Lee, the monkey is king.Look at the other sisters, which season 1 quiet and season 2 Na Ying as the appeal?Sun Yue, once had a brilliant moment, a song “I wish you peace” is popular all over the country.But Sun Yue has been in style for many years, and even at the peak of the period, she did not reach the diva position, on the music world coffee, with na Ying than, so Sun Yue can not pick the beam, her position with the second season of Yang Yuying, at most number two, but also need a more influential sister than her to carry the beam.But if even Sun Yue is not charismatic, then the rest of the sister which has?Zhong Xintong, Charlene Choi, Qi Wei and other sister, the influence is still poor, belongs to the second tier.Not to mention, there are several elder sisters, many netizens have not even heard of their names, such as Qu Ni Ciren, Fu Mengni, Wang Zixuan, Bai An, Lin Peng and so on.Anyway, I have never even heard of these sisters’ names. I don’t know if they are singers, actors or dancers.Like he Jie, Chen Bing, comfortable and other sister, they participate in the third season of “wave sister” is very normal, because they belong to tepid artists, eager to a popular variety to improve their popularity.And “Sister Wave” this platform, is now the most easy to turn the popular platform, many artists to participate in this program, frankly speaking, is to fame.In addition to this season’s sister’s lineup has attracted much attention, the host has also attracted the attention of many netizens.It is reported that the third season of the program invited deng Chao as the host, which let many netizens can not sit, because the host’s coffee, actually bigger than any sister.Not to mention, on popularity, on influence, this season’s sister, it seems that no sister can be compared with Deng Chao.It seems that the contestant lineup is not enough, the host to gather together.We don’t know what season 3 will bring, but we’ll see what happens.That’s it for today, and I’ll see you next time.