What brand are the two CC crosses

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Luxury brands.1, CHANEL (CHANEL) is a famous brand with a history of one hundred years, its fashion design always maintain elegant, simple, exquisite style.The brand has a wide range of products, including clothing, jewelry and accessories, cosmetics, skin care products, perfumes and so on, each of which is well known, especially perfume and fashion.2, Chanel no. 44 lipstick, inherited chanel lipstick meaningful, pure and.Elegant pink, bright red, classic beige or bronzed brown, Chanel lipstick is exquisite in each shade and can be used and paired as you wish.3, most of the Chanel is made of sheepskin (or calfskin), the cortex is dark, concave convex feeling.Chanel bag shape is very inclusive, there will be no collapse feeling.Especially sheepskin bags, not only feel good, and will have a taste of original leather.False Chanel is not sheepskin, leather reflectance, elasticity is poor;The texture of cowhide bag is more clear, the sense of granularity is more obvious, and it has a comfortable taste of original skin, crisp and stylish.