What is the ending of the South Korean DRAMA “One Woman”?

2022-05-12 0 By

The ending of the South Korean DRAMA “A Woman” is that the hero Han Seung-wook finds out the truth of his parents’ death, and the murderer Han Seong-hye and his assistant Chung Do-woo are punished and sentenced to prison. Han Seung-wook takes back his family’s business and gets together with the heroine Jo Yeon-ju.I believe everyone to a woman the south Korean TV series is not strange, it is directed by Cui Yingxun, Jin Yun writers, li lotus ni, lee sang-yun inspiring drama starring, about a female prosecutors lost memory, switch roles with chaebol daughter-in-law after story, since the show aired caused wide attention of everyone, was deeply loved by everyone.In “a woman” the south Korean TV series, Jiang Meina chaebol’s home is illegitimate daughter, since marry a chaebol childe, abused, in order to escape from the house, she devised a perfect plan, a most important part of the plan is her twin sister selphie bead, although selphie bead is a prosecutor, smart, but is not virtuous, often abuse their power to earn ill-gotten gains.Jo Yeon-ju lost her memory in a traffic accident and entered the script designed by Kang Meena.Cho Yeon-joo and Kang Mei-na are different in character, relying on their wisdom and the battle of wits and courage, and find their own memory, but also harvested their love.