Winter training sprint!Yantai athletes to prepare for the provincial games

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With the shandong province 25th games qualifying competition gradually approaching, a few days ago, the reporter visited yantai city water sports school, Yantai city sports school, see the project coaches, athletes braves the cold, scientific training, full preparation, full sprint.When people immersed in the festive atmosphere, dozens of sports teams have sounded the training call early.Yantai Water Sports School preparation situation Swimming project training Yantai Water Sports School swimming coach Liu Yang introduction:”At the moment I a total of more than 80 contestants in the swimming training project, we give athletes from physical, psychological and other aspects of security, in addition, we vigorously promotes the athletes’ basic skills, training session on half of the time may be used to make legs, only do kung fu on the leg, to play a good competitive level athletes.””At present, my state of mind is relatively stable, I will treat the provincial games as a normal competition, adjust their condition, and actively strive for the gold medal.”Chen Yiming, a 14-year-old general, said with a smile.In addition to swimming, diving, triathlon, canoeing, rowing, sailing sailboard and other projects are also stepping up training, riveting sprint for the provincial games.It is reported that in the 2021 Shandong Provincial Championships, Yantai Water Sports School won 45 gold MEDALS, 39 silver MEDALS and 26 bronze MEDALS.In the 14th National Games, the athletes sent by the school won 6 gold MEDALS, 12 silver MEDALS and 4 bronze MEDALS.Now, with a new starting point and a new goal, Yantai Water Sports School will strive to achieve further achievements in the provincial Games with the attitude of “tigers fighting for food”.Yantai city sports school preparation karate project actual combat “feet a little higher, pay attention to the body action…”Fan Pei, karate coach of Yantai Sports School, instructs athletes to practice basic skills again and again in the karate training ground of Yantai gymnasium on February 16.She said that the 25th provincial games qualifying competition is about to begin, in the training intensity of one to two times a week to arrange confrontation, athletes are very hard, training mood is also relatively high, is bound to get good results in the provincial games.Guo Zijun, a karate division athlete born in 2004, has been practicing karate since the end of 2017 and won the third place in the junior men’s individual division at the first leg of the 2019 National Karate U18 Championship Series.”At ordinary times, the coach has been teaching us to karate to beat fast, first come, first served, from the fist, leg, wrestling to improve our actual combat ability.I have confidence in myself and I will do my best to bring honor to my hometown.”He will compete in the 60-kg karate category at the provincial Games this year and is confident that the qualifying competition is just around the corner.Boxing project training in boxing training ground, Yantai city sports school boxing team coach Shang Qiao big to athletes for skill guidance.”Hit empty does not matter, the next punch to follow!””Punch!Explosive power!”He corrected them in detail as he watched.In the actual practice that followed, the gloves collided with the boxing mask to make a “banging” sound.”At present, the third stage of team are working on winter training, and prepare for the provincial games preliminary critical period, the athletes to prepare state is pretty good, our coaches do our best to provide athletes strong logistics support, also thanks to the superior leadership’s strong support, we will do our best, won a big honor for home, for sports school.””Exclaimed Shancho.Triple jump Training Short span training Javelin throw Training Men’s free Throw Training Actual combat Women’s free Throw Training Actual combat Shot put Training Taekwondo Training Actual combat High jump Training Discus Training Middle and long distance running trainingIn the triple jump, short span, javelin throw, men’s and women’s free wrestling, shot put, taekwondo, high jump, discus, middle and long distance running and other events training site, is also full of heat.The athletes gave full play to the spirit of hard work, grit their teeth and go all out.Ten years one sword, dripping stone wears away, the athletes’ high-spirited fighting attitude has become the most firm declaration of winning the winter training.The upcoming provincial games will be a springboard for yantai athletes to enter a higher stage and create new glory of Yantai sports.