Within days of arriving home, American athletes were missing China

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Within days of arriving home, American snowboarder Tessa Moder was already missing China.The American, who was moved to tears several times during the Beijing Winter Olympics, once again expressed her gratitude for the support she received both on and off the track in a post on social media, expressing her wish to return to China again.’Can’t wait to get back’ Moder, 18, has just returned to the United States from his first career Winter Olympics.”I have been loved and welcomed since I arrived in China.””I can’t wait to go back and have a look,” Moder captioned a collection of photos reflecting on his experience on social media after his return.In the collection, Moder shows himself posing with bing Dwen Dwen, the Olympic rings and Beijing Winter Olympics mascot, and shares framed photos with Chinese staff and volunteers.”I really like the Chinese people and Chinese food and culture.””Thank you for your support,” she said.Moder posed on social media with volunteers for the Beijing Winter Olympics.During the Beijing Winter Olympics, Moder updated his social media account while preparing for and competing in the games, Posting a series of experiences and observations on and off the track.In one, Moder recorded himself and his teammates attending the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Beijing at China’s National stadium, known as the Bird’s Nest.”Hello!Moder greeted the enthusiastic Chinese volunteers in Chinese as he entered with the US team.”Welcome to China!”The Chinese volunteers who danced and waved responded in English.”Every time I watch this video, I cry.””Maude wrote in the caption.As Maud said, she has a special fondness for Chinese food.Moder has produced at least eight “eating broadcast” videos during the Beijing Winter Olympics, according to the reporter.During a live broadcast on the social media platform on Monday night, Moder was asked “What’s your favorite food when you were in the Olympic Village?””Rice, because rice is simple. I am a simple girl.”In addition to Moder, legendary American snowboarder and three-time Winter Olympic gold medalist Shaun White is also part of the team of foreign athletes making the “BITE of Beijing Olympics” short video.”Black pepper beef, Sweet and Sour pork, garlic and cauliflower, Kung Pao chicken, Dan Dan noodles, white rice.”In one of the videos, White can be seen proudly taking stock of the food on the table for her fans.He admitted that he eats all the time when there is no competition because the food in the Olympic Village is so good.”Why are you showing me food? It’s the middle of the night here,” one angry fan commented.Between her arrival in Beijing and the end of the competition, White posted 20 related videos, many of which were viewed more than 5 million times.Moder and White join a long list of athletes who have ‘spoken’ for the Beijing Olympics on social media, producing content that allows more people around the world to experience the Games beyond television cameras and media coverage.Videos related to the Beijing Winter Olympics could become the most watched Olympics video in history, thanks to widespread interest in China from overseas and the popularity of the event on social media platforms, a US media expert predicted.People living in and around the U.S. capital, Washington, d.c., told reporters they were watching the Games.Lynne Ellison said she and her son kyle both like to watch figure skating, but not the same skaters.At the end of last year, a poll in the United States showed that figure skating was the most popular Winter Olympic sport for American viewers, followed by ski jumping.Caitlin Hoviek (R) and Jean-Luc Beck of the United States compete in the competition in Beijing, Feb 14, 2018.The figure skating ice dance free dance competition of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games was held at the Capital Gymnasium on Thursday.In addition to showing fans what life is like in the Olympic venues and village, foreign athletes in Beijing will also get a chance to experience China firsthand, beyond the biased coverage of western media.American freestyle skier Aaron Bronk has competed in three Winter Olympics, including Beijing.In a recent press conference, Bloomberg said that in the United States, people hear some very negative reports about China, but when he came to China, he found these were completely untrue.”Frankly speaking, China’s epidemic prevention work is first-class.””Actually, everything was amazing, everyone, from the staff to the nucleic acid testers to the accommodation…It’s probably one of the best Olympics we’ve ever had.”Produced by Yan Junyan, reporter: Sun Ding, Editor: Wang Yujue, Editor: Tang Zhiqiang, Wang Shen, Produced by The International Department of Xinhua News Agency and produced by Xinhua News Agency international Communication Integration platform