0-2, 5-16 on goal!Asian powerhouse Syria was also eliminated, 0 wins in 8 games worse than China

2022-05-13 0 By

After the end of the eighth round of the Asian Round of 12, there have been many teams eliminated from the tournament in advance, in addition to China’s early elimination of this round of matches, China’s suffering master Syria team also suffered the elimination of the tournament.They crushed South Korea 2-0 in a crucial match.With the loss, Syria was eliminated from the tournament two rounds early with just two points from eight matches.It can be said that After Syria left the national football team, it seems that he does not know how to play.There is no way out for Syria against South Korea, which they must beat to keep their hopes of playing in the play-offs alive.South Korea, though they have advanced, had enough quality to easily beat Syria, even without their full complement of players.In this match, Statistically speaking, Syria has played its worst World Cup qualifier.They had only 35 percent possession of the ball and 28 percent in the first half.In terms of shooting stats, they only had five shots on goal, none on target;South Korea, on the other hand, scored two goals on six of their 16 shots on target.Visible, the mentality of the Syrian team has been hit collapse.The first goal of the game came in the 53rd minute of the second half, when South Korea made a brilliant play, with Kim Tae-hwan’s brilliant pass and Kim Jin-soo flicking away to give his side a 1-0 lead.In the following game, the Syrian team made five substitutions, but the mentality of the players was out of balance. Instead of equalizing, they conceded the goal again in the 71st minute, with Kwon Chang Hoon scoring the second goal.Finally Syria team 0-2 at home again suffered a defeat.Two points in eight games, two rounds out.Judging from the performance of the Syrian team in the preliminary round of the World Cup, their strength is indeed much worse than before. After leaving the National football team, they can not even get the first victory.Look at the Vietnamese team, the same group as the National football Team, easily won the first victory, but also set a new record.