Aunt Shirley: 60 years old live like a young girl, ambitious people set a circle of countless fans are questioned

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Many people say Shirley is the most exquisite lady on the Internet. At the age of 60, while others are dancing in the square, she is gracefully drinking afternoon tea and practicing yoga. She is called grandma of frozen age by netizens.She is 60 years old but lives like a young girl, and she has many fans because of her heroic life, but now she is criticized by Internet users for her husband’s cheating.Let’s take a look at what happened to her. Aunt Shirley’s story is a legend. She told her life on the show, and now she’s living it up for a reason.Most people don’t know that she was only 33 when she divorced, leaving her with nothing but one child.The day after the divorce, Shirley began riding her bicycle to find a job. She had a successful career, working as a clerk in a shipping company and planning advertising for Shangri-La.After years of struggle, Shirley aunt is more and more excellent, even the president of Wal-Mart to dig her, Shirley aunt with their own mind and hands to help her earn the family property now.Now she can live an elegant life like a lady, which is inseparable from her previous efforts. She is always full of love for life on social platforms.As well as sharing clothes and skincare tips like food bloggers, Aunt Shirley’s 90-something parents also feature in her videos.Watching mom and dad do clothes, play games, rich and leisure aunt Shirley’s life has become a target for many people to aspire to, always elegant walk, always delicate life.Aunt Shirley, 60, went to Canada three years ago to study. She was in her 50s and often visited with people in their 20s. She is also constantly learning new things.After returning to China, she was not willing to live a dull life. She not only kept her mind by learning every day, but also ran and kept fit, went shopping and maintained seriously, and often drank afternoon tea with her friends.Aunt Shirley’s accessories are even more impressive, as she wears the same outfit every time she appears in the show. Even her pajamas at home are covered in layers.With all the youthful underarm bags, stylish manicures and must-have skincare items in the evening, Aunt Shirley’s day is a day of refinement and beauty.To maintain oneself do not pass the weight of 100, she is the fruit that eats only in the evening more, more often do yoga, then the xue Rui aunt that is heroic and rich becomes popular network slowly, her life of this kind of elegant lady also lets everybody be full of curiosity to her.Many people said that her elaborate look did not look like a person in her 60s, and many questioned whether Shirley was created by a company.You know, a lot of people her age would be enjoying retirement, doing square dancing and picking up grandkids, but Shirley lived for herself.Shirley never pushes her son, who is still in his 30s. Instead, she says that she has too much to do, and she becomes a queen in her life.Many people say that Shirley aunt’s life is a legend of the lady, divorced at the age of 33, more than 50 years old went to Canada to study, more than 60 years old to become the envy of the frozen grandma.And even if elegant as she, still can not avoid the fate of being scolded by net friends, we look at this exactly because of what?With the rapid development of “we media” industry, Aunt Shirley, 57, who came back from studying abroad, also registered an account following the trend of young people and recorded her daily life.Her time in the video is to let a person shine at the moment, delicate and elegant, every day face to face, even more serious than young people dress up yourself carefully, and all kinds of festivals, she will also organize party with a bunch of friends, often dressed in elegant fashion, so rich, heroism, elegant, discipline have become synonymous with her, snow aunt was so fire up on the Internet.But in such a state of life, many people began to criticize Shirley, some people think that Shirley in her 60s should not dress like a young person.Some people even said that Aunt Shirley was pretending to be young. Some people even said that Aunt Shirley’s ex-husband divorced her. No one could accept such a woman.In fact, many people’s attack on Aunt Shirley is just because she overturns people’s perception of old people. Many people insist that when they are in their 60s, they should give up their hobbies and take care of their children and buy vegetables every day.But Aunt Shirley shows that not everyone lives the same way, and that people in their 60s can still be as young and elegant as those of 18.And Shirley aunt also told her experience in the program, her original name is Xu Shiping, is a real Hangzhou people, she was young when married to a rich businessman, and after marriage Shirley aunt became a full-time wife.But I did not expect that after rich ex-husband gradually become different, and then Shirley aunt resolutely chose to divorce, because the other party is not willing to divorce, and Shirley aunt even if it is clean out of the house also want to leave with their son.Then Aunt Shirley understood the importance of a career for a woman and began to immerse herself in it, which is why she now has the money to learn more fashionable things.Shirley says she doesn’t worry about her age. It’s more about choosing what she wants to do, whenever she wants to do it.What do you think of Aunt Shirley’s life?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.