Borrow money: paper-thin favors

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Ming Hai this is a heavy topic, do not want to say and have to say.Everyone will encounter borrowing money in their life.Either I borrow money from someone else or someone else borrows money from me.There are so many things about borrowing money that I can’t forget. The first thing that jumps out at me is when I was in high school.When the high school acceptance letter came, the trouble came.The notice indicated that the book fee, tuition and miscellaneous fees, key deposit 14 yuan.Worry ruined my father and me.Seeing to 9 yuan 1 school, home only 2 yuan money.Mother repeated her usual insistence: stop going to school.Her reasons in addition to the lack of money at home, there are many: reading more, less useful;All review (junior three) two years also didn’t take an examination of, again also can’t take an examination of;Now the distribution of farmland to households, the need for labor, school work, but also for the family share point;More than 20 years old, old not small, should marry a daughter-in-law, neighbor skin face all two children;The family has no money, borrow also can not borrow, who wants to borrow who borrow, anyway, I no longer what that face…On the night of August 31, under the starry sky, the whole family were sitting under the locust tree in the courtyard, discussing intensely whether they should go to high school or not. The main problem was money, and the contradiction focused on borrowing money. How could they get it?Ask who?Mother huffed and puffed and stuck to her guns.Father pretended not to hear, sat on the stone roll, silently smoking.My heart is torn.Looking at the sky, feel the Milky Way so wide, so many stars, how there is no way for me to live?Suddenly, my father stood up, threw away his cigarette butt and went out.About an hour later, my father came back.He handed me fifteen dollars and said firmly, go to school tomorrow.The mother sat up and shouted, Where did you get the money?Who borrow?What do we want from now on?None of your business!”Father said and went to bed.The next day, early in the morning my father let me and him to send fertilizer to the second brother, father carry two bags, I carry a bag.Father is as good as his word.It turned out that the money, the money, the 15 yuan, father gave his cousin fertilizer in exchange.Mother loudly questioned: you give fertilizer to others, we don’t go on the land?It wasn’t enough, and you gave them three bags!Father said: it doesn’t matter, I will entrust tomorrow comrade, go to the supply and marketing agency more credit a few bags, such as selling sesame to return his money.At that time, the main fertilizer is phosphate fertilizer and carbon ammonia, carbon ammonia is small bags, cash 4 yuan 5 yuan, credit 5 yuan a bag, and so on sold grain to money.Though poor, my father was an honest man, nicknamed “Max”, who was well known to fertilizer sellers and willing to give him credit.He served as the monitor of the communication corps, because of the low level of education, did not lift dry, eat no cultural loss, know the importance of knowledge, insist that I read, do not let me be a soldier.My cousin is not rich either. He has just sold a pig and nobody believes him when he says he has no money.But he says his two children also have to pay school fees and buy fertilizer, and he has no money to spare.The father came up with an excuse that his cousin couldn’t refuse.About a dozen bags of fertilizer, ammonium bicarbonate on credit.Father said: I give you three bags of carbon ammonia, for you 15 yuan, even if you help, your brother is not easy to be admitted to high school, we have to go on ah!The cousin agreed and gave the father fifteen dollars.On September 1, my father borrowed a broken foreign car and asked my sister to give me a ride.I was successfully enrolled and started my high school career.There were many stories of borrowing money in the years to come, but none as difficult as this one.When my finances get better, I’ll do my best to satisfy anyone who asks me.I know that when someone asks me for a loan, he must trust me.Help is better than icing on the cake.But also because I am easy to talk, make me a suit of debt disputes, often suffer losses.Some years do not return, some play disappeared.I would rather believe that people who do not pay money are really not able to afford it, not to rely on.Can not escape the debt of reality, can not escape the debt of conscience?Life can be as white as this vast expanse of wonderful!