Cute baby turns into a firefighter, holding hands and performing a fire fight

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In order to effectively improve parents’ awareness of fire prevention, strengthen the organization of children’s safety and self-rescue ability, so that safety into the community, recently, inclined soil street joint Shanghai Fire Association publicity service team and inclined soil street Shanghai Bay house committee, for community residents to bring a fire safety knowledge lecture.In class, 15 children changed into fire uniforms and became little “firefighters”. Instructor Jia Zhonghao from The Publicity service team of Shanghai Fire Protection Association gave detailed explanations on “the harm brought by fire”, “the cause of fire”, “the use of all kinds of fire equipment” and “fire evacuation and self-rescue skills”.Let everyone realize the importance of “hidden dangers in open fire, prevention is better than disaster relief”.Under the instructor’s patient explanation and guidance, the children knew and understood how to use the fire extinguisher, what is the safety exit, what is the direction of evacuation, not only know a lot of safety knowledge, but also know how to save themselves in danger and how to escape.”Through this class, I learned not to panic when there is danger, and I should call 119 if there is a fire in my house. I admire my firefighters very much. They are great heroes in my eyes.”Then, the instructor gave a training lecture on fire fighting knowledge to parents. By playing fire fighting videos and PPT, and citing a large number of real cases and specific figures in real life, he explained that many accidents were caused by lack of fire safety knowledge.And the theoretical analysis and typical analysis, starting from the details of daily life, on the fire daily inspection, fire emergency and prevention, evacuation and escape of the basic knowledge, how to use fire equipment and other problems were explained in simple terms;From the danger of fire, scientific fire prevention measures, how to eliminate the safety risks in daily life and fighting the initial fire, the basic knowledge and skills of self-rescue, combined with real cases, for parents to carry out a comprehensive system of knowledge.Mr. Wang, the parent, told reporters, “now living conditions are better, a variety of appliances in the home, but it is also prone to fire safety hazards, in order to ensure the safety of their lives and property in an emergency, I think it is necessary to attend the fire knowledge lecture.”Jia zhonghao said, “In recent years, the country attaches great importance to fire safety, the purpose of today’s activity is to let children from childhood to establish the awareness and concept of fire safety, let people understand the hidden dangers of fire safety misunderstanding, in daily life to avoid the occurrence of fire.”Through the fire safety training activity, let everyone understand the fire knowledge and the importance of fire safety, further enhance the parents and children’s fire safety awareness, but also improve the ability of family fire prevention.

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