Elegant yoga pants show confidence and calm charm, show a beautiful figure, relaxed and casual

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Elegant yoga pants show confidence and calm charm, show a beautiful figure, relaxed and casual.1, through good tailoring can wear a high waist line, slender figure.2, through good fabric can wear a good sense of hanging and close-fitting, more prominent figure curve.3, through good material can increase the sense of literature and art and advanced sense, versatile and elegant.4, through good color can wear a high-level sense, in the color collocation do not choose too fancy, clean and simple style is very good, to choose a more versatile color.5. Through good texture, the original mediocrity can be set off with amazing, and the fabric with good texture will make people never forget.6, through the good style can wear a high-level sense, through the slim version can be visually small, with high waist design can effectively elongate the body proportion.7, through good style, you can easily wear a senior fan, and large size clothes in the wardrobe, highlight the long body, show the curve, make the whole person appear energetic and tall.8. Through good fashion style, you can wear fashionable avant-garde look and easily improve your taste of collocation.Yoga pants collocation skills: 1, high waist line design can show long legs, show high waist line, do not pick the figure;2, large area of printing, in the selection of patterns to avoid wearing too much tedious feeling;3, high waist design waist pants can create the upper and lower body proportion;4, a variety of middle sleeve sling, can show the perfect long legs;5, the waist sleeve design is everyone’s necessary single product;6. Middle sleeve design can highlight slender arms;7, white can easily wear elegant, add points for modeling;8. With silk chiffon fabric, you can easily wear a romantic and neutral style;Red wear classic, is also absolutely a color that can’t go wrong;10, with small square collar or V-neck pants, can easily create a sense of elegance;11, neutral jeans with shamrock yoga pants, is also a very interesting fashion match;Wave dot and grid are also women must enter the fashion items;13, high waist half pants for petite girls, choose the tube version of ankle exposure;14, with suspenders or pants can easily create a gentle sexy look.The hoodie with large patterns is a simple and fashionable collocation;With a small and fresh white shirt collocation, is also very lovely temperament;Mohair mohair mohair mohair sweater Mohair jeans White shirt Chiffon yoga pants Mohair sweater/hoodie hoodie dress yoga pants Jeans straight leg pants I-knit yoga pants beach casual single shoesPair them with bell-bottoms for a laid-back look;Collocation pants can also create a casual style 19, jeans and waist clothing collocation to create a high waist visual effect, very thin 20, rolled wide leg pants, put on immediately change the leg length to bear 21, horn sleeve straight leg pants, inadvertently wear a handsome slim effect 22, multi-layer flower shirt with tight pants,23, suspenders pants and knitted chiffon sweater collocation is quite temperament collocation;25, small A-word umbrella pants can be elegant and feminine 26, high-waist khaki or high-waist chiffon, is the secret of showing high show thin;