Five different styles of boutique software, practical and powerful, there is always one for you

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Jinse jinse is a Chinese painting book coloring software.If you have used “fixed period”, “folding fan”, “tenon MAO” and other software with distinct Chinese culture, then you use brocade color, will be no stranger.Because they were all developed by the same production team.Jinse selected various themes of Chinese folk New Year paintings for you to taste fresh.It covers the painting on the carved beam, the animal face bird pattern of bronze tripod, the flying apsaras of Dunhuang stone painting, the combination of blue and white porcelain, the costume mask of Peking Opera, and the heavenly fragrance of jiangnan embroidery……You can even make impromptu doodles, such as copying the preface to the Orchid Pavilion Collection, the “first line of books under the Sun”.Although brocade is not a serious creative tool, it allows you to wander in the pictures of Chinese culture in today’s digital world and feel the beauty of the inheritance of Chinese civilization over thousands of years.Chasing book artifact chasing book artifact is the latest, fastest and most complete novel reading assistant.It covers the most popular serialized novels on major websites, the most interesting list recommendations, and the most timely serialized update tips. It is a necessary app for novel reading.The surprise of the home page interface is that its software size, only 21.60m, does not take up the phone’s memory, for fiction party, is not a small benefit.Other life features include: Support for Android and IOS, chapter preloading, and smooth reading without waiting;It can go directly to Baidu Post Bar to participate in the interaction of comments. It can go back to the browsing history with one key, and directly connect to the search engines such as Intelay, Baidu and Yisou.”Xu Sanguan Sells blood” can adjust the font spacing, can load twice as fast, exclusive to provide the number of followers, retention rate and other data for your reference to choose books to read.Overall, this is a wonderful software that allows you to enjoy the ultimate reading experience of web articles.Cloud Table platform cloud Table platform is a code free development tool for Android, IOS and any mobile device that can make you work more efficiently.Yunnan Komatsu system login interface for business personnel and enterprise elites, this is a “treasure box” like glittering existence.Support configuration permissions and complex processes, support docking kingdee, Yonyou, Dingding, enterprise wechat, electronic scale, weighometer, high camera, PDA, SAP, Insptide and other mainstream information systems at home and abroad, can carry out complex data processing, such as data perspective, data analysis, the generation of visual commercial analysis large screen.The visualized large screen allows unlimited level disassembly of BOM, supports message push, alarm alarm, project diary plan, report/label template custom printing, small program, H5, website, external data source, OpenAPI, micro mall, mobile terminal APP generation and other personalized function Settings.Staff management personnel, without the participation of the IT staff, hand table of cloud platform, learn to cloud table “SanBanFu” : data interface + formula of filling + business formula, can be used independently developed all kinds of personalized, functional on-demand and change management software, such as PLM, SRM, OA, enters sells saves, etc., of course, also including the ERP we used to say.The development process does not need to write a line of code, business personnel if they are familiar with enough, the average 1-2 weeks can be online a set of complete functions of the system, programmers are more relaxed, three five divided by two, minutes can be put into the system to show the management ideas.APS production list is reported, Huawei, MCC, China Railway, Hengyi Petrochemical, Haier, Yunnan Komatsu, Xu Ji Electric, Beijing Aerospace, Yanshan University and other well-known enterprises or institutions are using it.So, you don’t have to worry about running out of features.By the way, it still provides a free version, the free version is 5 concurrent, supporting 5 people to use online at the same time, there is no limit to the number of users, you can be 30 people, as long as you are not online at the same time.Simimei is an AI intelligent bilingual information app.It supports 21 reading languages, including Chinese, English, Japanese, Spanish, German, Korean and French. It can be read aloud and translated, breaking the language barrier and making global information reading unimpeded!In addition, simei also gathers nearly 100 overseas quality media and magazines, so that you can get real-time access to global hot issues, and miss every wonderful moment of global technology, new knowledge of life, sports and so on.You can also get your own personalized list of feeds based on your favorite feeds.Seeing is believing, and this is a great way to get information.Kaiyan Kaiyan is an APP that gathers high-quality short videos from all over the world.It will give you a daily selection of the latest high quality hd short video and community user image video creation, open your eyes.If you ask me, the above video is really interesting!It brings together travel sports, life highlights, creative advertising, popular science dry goods and other videos of various types and fields. It can completely give you an amazing visual feast and open a new way for you to understand the world.Here, everyone can be a creator, whether it is life highlights, travel records, photography creation, food exploration, you can share your beautiful moments with the world through opening your eyes.The more you learn about eye opening, the more you’ll love it.Every week, it will also provide you with offline exquisite life guide topics, to help you have the pursuit of life, aesthetic, enrich the comfortable weekend time.Oh, and it organizes all kinds of new and interesting special events regularly!Here, you can meet star authors and like-minded friends in various fields.If you love life, don’t miss it.Summary The above five powerful, not to be missed boutique software, all carefully selected for you, all support Android, IOS.Believe that the pursuit of high quality of life you, already ready to move!What else do you know about apps that people have never wanted to put down?Feel free to add in the comments section.Mondy label: Software post bar novel eyes