Fryer!Many places to drop down payment, to restart 2015 with flying property market?

2022-05-13 0 By

“Human joys and sorrows are not interlinked” — Lu Xun with, or not with?Let the bullet fly for a while.The day before yesterday afternoon, Shandong Heze was exposed to reduce the proportion of down payment loans, the first suite from the original 30% to 20%.2022 pine property market first shot, by the populous province of Shandong first.Most of the previous rescue from the relaxation, but the probability has been rejected, many places have policy one-day tour embarrassing scenes.But this time, other cities soon followed before it was rejected.Some banks in Chongqing and Ganzhou, Jiangxi province also reduced the proportion of loans for first homes to 20 percent, The Financial Union news agency said yesterday.The last time the loan ratio in Changchun changed from 30 to 20 was in 2016.I wonder if we will follow up this time?If follow up, the impact on the market, is undoubtedly an increase in the confidence of people buying houses.”Dead to save, the property market will not die” confidence it is worth a daughter!This time many of the policies all point to the first suite, after all, “do not hurt just need” is the basic principle.So, if in accordance with the policies of other cities to copy homework, the impact on homebuyers: just need: down payment can be less than 100,000 yuan a night.Improvement: if I don’t reduce the ratio of two sets, I’ll have to go wild.For different developers, is 20% going to save them?For example, the most recent fire yongchun a real estate, a building area of 86 bungalows source, the average price of 7500 yuan/flat 30% down payment, 190,000 20% down payment, 130,000 will be more fire?· A real estate in Yongchun, such as a real estate in Lianhuashan, which is relatively cool recently, has a floor area of about 108 square meters and an average price of 9000 square meters.It appeared at the end of last year: 0 down payment 20% down payment: 180,000 doesn’t seem to make much sense.· The policy of a real estate in Lianhuashan last year, then who is the most beneficial for 20% down payment?Brand housing enterprises, perhaps your spring has come.In the local housing enterprises to play the financial policy to spend, but also in the tangle is five years or ten years fifty years.Then I get off?Because of the limited enterprise model, many national brand housing enterprises, there is no way to use financial leverage.But if the policy all down payment, at least we stand at the same starting line.Then who wins and who loses may not be certain.Some people say, remember the “destocking” of 2015?Lower the down payment, and immediately the price will take off!Come on, before you fly, calm down and let’s figure it out!In 2016, changchun overall average price of 6,500 yuan, 100 square house 30% down payment of 19.5 YUAN, the monthly payment of about 2,300 yuan 20% down payment of 13W, the monthly payment of about 2,700 heads of state pay less sixty-five thousand, more than 400 a month, this account has some calculation!· What if the price trend of Changchun in 2016 is now?According to 1W yuan/flat, 100 flat house calculation 30% down payment 30W, the monthly payment of about 3600 yuan 20% down payment 20W, the monthly payment of about 4100 yuan someone said: a month also only earn 5000 yuan.Better to pay more down;Some people say: what I lack is down payment?What I lack is a steady and reliable job;Some people say: at least open a door for me, choice space becomes larger.As for house prices taking off?Stability is the best situation.So, the relaxing warm wind will blow constantly.Policy is like an elastic band, whether loose or tight, the waist is three feet two.(Some of the pictures are from the Internet)