Heart of the staff, the truth warm heart!Qingdao trade union to carry out two days to send warm activities

2022-05-13 0 By

According to the official website of shandong Federation of Trade Unions, in recent days, Qingdao Federation of trade Unions in Shandong province led by leading cadres, divided into 13 ways to carry out visiting activities.The city’s trade unions at all levels raised a total of 22.275 million yuan, visited 911 enterprises, and visited 45,680 employees.On January 26 and 27, Liu Shengzhen, deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Qingdao Municipal People’s Congress and Chairman of Qingdao Federation of Trade Unions, visited Laixi, Qingdao Public Security Bureau and Qingdao University to visit enterprises, employees, model workers and police in difficulties.Every place, are detailed inquiry enterprise operation, model workers and the status of the staff, for them to send “mother family” care and festival blessing.During the Spring Festival, the city’s trade unions at all levels sent condolences to 29,036 cadres and workers who stick to the production front line, transportation, electric power, sanitation and grassroots positions serving the masses directly, and distributed 7.228 million yuan of money and goods;Visited 788 advanced model figures who emerged from the production line, and distributed 558,100 yuan of money and goods;Visited 5,001 front-line workers for epidemic prevention and control, and distributed 1,345,100 yuan of money and goods.The city’s trade unions at all levels regard the new forms of employment as the focus of “two sections” to send warmth to the workers, combined with the ongoing “big visit” activity of new forms of employment, go deep into the frontline workers groups, stations, according to local conditions to carry out visits and condolences, a total of 18,257 visits to the new forms of employment workers, the payment of 1.4571 million yuan.Free comprehensive mutual insurance for 25,000 newly employed workers.The city’s trade unions at all levels conducted in-depth investigations to provide timely assistance to the workers who were laid off or unemployed, seriously ill, died of work-related injury or illness, suffered from various disasters or sudden accidents and other circumstances that caused their living difficulties, and to the needy workers who met the requirements for filing should be fully paid.The city sent condolences to 288 workers with difficulties who had been filed by trade unions at all levels, and distributed 51,400 yuan of money and goods.Sympathize with 4522 employees or their family members who suffer from serious diseases, disasters or sudden accidents and other circumstances that cause difficulties, and distribute 7.5728 million yuan of money and goods.The city’s labor unions at all levels helped migrant workers recover 36.8673 million yuan of unpaid wages, and helped migrant workers returning home during the Spring Festival travel rush to solve practical difficulties. During the New Year’s Day and Spring Festival, a total of 2,631 migrant workers were helped to safely return home.We will organize various service activities for migrant workers’ enterprises during the Spring Festival to enrich their holiday life and make them enjoy a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.(Li Ruihong) Responsible Editor: Li Fang