Hebei Changli County discipline inspection commission supervision committee focus on the “emergency and sorrow hope” supervision and discipline enforcement

2022-05-13 0 By

Hebei daily news (reporter Sun also reach correspondent Xiao Xuejing) “this year’s heating quality improved, this did a real good thing for common people!”Recently, under the coordination of changli County Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision, The heating pipes in the homes of residents in Changli County, Hebei Province, have been hot again, and the “old difficulties” problem that has plagued residents for many years has been solved.Since last year, Changli county discipline inspection commission supervision committee to party history education as an opportunity to solve the masses of the “urgent” problem as the focus of supervision and discipline enforcement work, solid development of “I do practical things for the masses” practice activities, strict rectification of the masses around corruption and improper wind.In order to regulate formalism, bureaucratism as the focus of supervision, the county commission for Discipline inspection and supervision committee actively organized investigation and investigation, collect feedback 37, comb problem clues 4.We will investigate and deal with prominent problems that the people strongly complain about, such as the lack of a strong sense of serving the people, passive response, and cold-shoulder pushing.In addition, strengthen the education, medical and other key areas and the county’s 20 people’s livelihood practical projects to promote the supervision, urging the relevant departments to implement the responsibility of supervision, carry out centralized rectification.In response to problems such as damaged roads, leaking roofs, aging heating pipes and inconvenient parking, the county’s commission for Inspection and Supervision urged relevant functional departments to clarify the “roadmap” and “timetable”, and promoted functional departments to renovate 10 old residential areas, benefiting 980 households, with satisfaction rates of more than 80 percent.