Lu Bu Wuyong exceeded Zhao Yun. Why couldn’t he break away from his headquarters in Xiapi, but Zhao Yun was able to fight his way out of Changban Slope?

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Lu Bu and Zhao Yun were the first and second military generals in The Three Kingdoms period.If according to the individual martial courage, Lu Bu is worthy of the first general.However, In the battle of Changbanpo, Zhao Yun showed his extraordinary military courage and killed seven soldiers in and seven out of cao’s army.But Lu Bu was unable to break out of the siege and became a prisoner of Cao Cao. Why?First, the two sides were besieged in different circumstances.Lu Bu was besieged by cao in the battle of Xiapi, which was entirely his fault.He was advised by Chen Palace to camp himself overlooking Xiapi with his elite forces.In this way Xiapi would not be surrounded by the Cao Army.But Lu Bu listened to the words of his wife concubine, did not adopt the advice of Chen Gong, so that he was trapped in the lonely city.When Cao Cao besieged Xiapi with water, Lu Bu still didn’t care.He thought he had a red rabbit horse, crossing water like a flat, so he did not take it to heart.He allowed cao to surround Xiapi with flood water and did nothing to sabotage it.Little imagine, although the flood cannot prevent lyu3 Bu4 red rabbit horse crossing water, can delay lyu3 Bu4’s action however.Protected by the flood, Cao’s encirclement of Xiapi became more secure.Even if Lu Bu wanted to break out of the siege, he would be found by the Cao Army when crossing the water and make preparations in advance.Although Lu Bu was brave, he could not resist the advantage of waiting for the enemy to siege.Therefore, Lu bu gave up his opposition and defended his headquarters to the last.Zhao Yun faced Cao Jun on changban Slope, however, was completely different.In the battle of Changbanpo, cao Cao’s elite troops were selected by Cao Cao himself, but they had marched continuously for a day and a night, covering a distance of more than 300 li.After reaching changban Slope, they fought a fierce battle with Liu Bei’s army and defeated it.Elite as these Caos were, by this time they were exhausted.Under such circumstances, the hasty Cao army could not form a firm encirclement.In addition, there are hundreds of thousands of people liu Bei carried in the war zone, it is a sea of people, a mess.The five thousand men of cao were as invisible among these people as drops of ink into a lake.This caused an opportunity for Zhao Yun to break through the siege.Because everywhere is loophole, even if cao Jun wants to block Zhao Yun, also beyond reach.The lower generals and soldiers of The Cao army who met Zhao Yun were no match for Zhao Yun, and Zhao Yun could kill them easily.This made Zhao Yun go back and forth between cao’s troops, as if entering a land of no one, easily killing seven in and seven out.Second, Lu Bu and Zhao Yun have different mentality.In the war of Xiapi, Lu Bu had a good chance to break through.Because he was so brave, no one in cao’s army dared to face him alone.When he was captured on the baishenlou, cao’s army only dared to enter the city after seeing the abandoned Halberd.Plus his red rabbit horse crossing water if walk flat ground, want lyu3 Bu4 to want to break out only, still have very big probability to be able to succeed.But Lu bu voluntarily gave up trying to break out, because he was not only a general, but also the head of a military group.If he escapes, his wife, concubines and subordinates will fall into the hands of Cao Cao.Serve as commander of a smooth pole, of the world big also do not have the place of lyu3 Bu4.Therefore, Lu Bu could only brave the scalp and carry cao Cao to the end with his subordinates.Lu bu saw all this clearly as he escorted his daughter out of the city.In that battle, Lyu3 Bu4 oneself daughter with continous pestering, wrap with armour, bear on the back.But in the battle of break siege, Lyu3 Bu4 be afraid daughter gets hurt, behave behave bind hands and feet, make break siege fails to succeed.In that breakout, Cao didn’t besiege Xiapi by flood yet, but in the later stage He was surrounded by flood and it was quite difficult for Lu Bu to break away from xiapi with his family.Since the subordinate that cannot rescue oneself and domestic are small, Lv Bu breaks through alone lost meaning.This is also the fundamental reason that Lv Bu did not break through.Since Lv Bu did not want to break through, so he could not break through successfully.Compared with Lu bu’s mentality of worrying about gains and losses, Zhao Yun’s mentality is much simpler.Zhao Yun only one idea, that is desperate out of the encircle, the arms of liu Chan rescue.Because Of Zhao Yun’s clear determination and firm will, Zhao Yun was brave enough to fight bravely in cao’s army.Unlike Lu Bu, who escorted his daughter to break out of the siege, It was much easier for Zhao Yun to break out with Liu Chan in his arms.Lyu3 Bu4 bear a daughter to break out, it is to escort her to rush out of encircle, go yuan Shu there to get married.This requires Lv Bu to protect her daughter from a little harm, complete and complete to reach Yuan Shu there.In the melee, the sword and gun are blind, even though Lu Bu is highly skilled, he can not guarantee that he can do this.Plus his daughter is draw in Yuan Shu’s last card, Lv Bu dare not risk more.Under this kind of pressure, Lv Bu saw the battle too fierce, he did not have a full grasp, had to admit the failure of the breakout, retreated to the city.Although Lv Bu ensured the safety of his daughter, he also gave up the chance to break out of the siege.Zhao Yun, on the other hand, had no choice but to go for broke.If Zhao Yun did not protect Liu Chan to break through, Liu Chan would surely die.Only a successful breakthrough, Liu Chan can survive the hope.So Zhao Yun in liu Chan into the arms of the time, there is no other concerns, only desperate rush.In the fierce battle, Zhao Yun simply too busy to take care of Liu Chan.It was the inevitable death of the situation, even if Liu Chan died, Liu Bei also can not berate Zhao Yun.When Zhao Yun broke out of the siege, he gave Liu Chan to Liu Bei, but also because he did not hear the sound of Liu Chan, afraid of Liu Chan’s death.Liu Bei saw this, in order to comfort The heart of Zhao Yun, will use to throw the child this skill.Conclusion: Lu Bu’s military courage was better than Zhao Yun’s, but He was unable to stand out from the siege in the xiapi war and could only be captured in the end.In sharp contrast, Zhao Yun single-handedly killed seven in and seven out of cao’s army in the battle of Changbanpo, and rescued Liu Chan, Liu Bei’s elder son.There are two main reasons for this difference.The first is the difference in the encirclement the two sides face.As A result of Lu Bu’s negative response, Cao successfully attacked Xiapi by water.Surrounded by the flood, the strength of cao’s encirclement was strengthened and Lu Bu broke out of the encirclement.At Changbanpo, Cao’s troops could not form a tight encircle in haste, making Zhao Yun fight in and out, as if entering no man’s land.Second, there is a difference in mentality.Lyu3 Bu4 be swayed by considerations of gain and loss to break out, dare not abandon oneself harem, subordinate, escape alone, gave up the opportunity of break out actively.In order to save Liu Bei’s legitimate son Liu Chan, Zhao Yun had to break out of the siege in desperation.In the siege of the fierce battle, Zhao Yun even Liu Chan can not take into account the dead, the result of survival, but rushed out of the siege.