National football decisive battle Japan first: Wang Dalei Alan Wei Shihao substitute, Zhang Yuning Wu Lei charge

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The National football team decisive battle Japan first: Wang Dalei Alan Wei Shihao substitute, Zhang Yuning Wu Lei charge Beijing time January 27, the National football team against Japan 23 list open.Goalkeepers: Yan Junling, Wang Dalei, Liu Dianzuo;Defenders: Zheng Zheng, Jiang Guangtai, Deng Hanwen, Wang Shenchao, Zhang Linpeng, Liu Yang, Zhu Chenjie, Yu Dabao;Midfield: Ho Junmin, Chang Si-chul, Seo Xin, Ji Chung-guk, Wu Xi, Kim Kyung-do, Dai Wei-jun;Strikers: Wu Lei, Alan, Wei Shihao, Tan Long, Zhang Yuning;This world trial squad has an average age of 29.4 years!Before the game, Li Xiaopeng to the outside world to open the starting list, goalkeeper: Yan Junling;Defenders: Zheng Zheng, Zhang Linpeng, Jiang Guangtai, Zhu Chenjie, Wang Shanchao;Midfield: Hao Junmin, Xu Xin, Wu Xi;Forwards: Wu Lei, Zhang Yuning.Looking at the starting line-up, it was difficult for China to score in the first half unless the Japanese defence made a serious mistake, allowing Zhang Yuning and Wu Lei to strike alone.Wang Dalei, Alan, Wei Shihao substitute, let many fans disappointed.Li Xiaopeng let match yuning zhang lei, in my opinion, charge, offensive firepower up front or missing, the team’s five guards against iron drum, or tend to be more defensive, so Li Xiaopeng will let Alan + WeiShiHao + Dai Weijun came off the bench in the second half, the first half of the goal is to defend, physical strength consumption rivals, strive for zero rivals, is determined in the second half,Pull out all your cards and start the final battle with The Japanese men’s football team.In fact, striker Wei Shihao and Alan work well together in the Evergrande system, and both have the ability to cut inside and hit the goal accurately. These two players would also be good choices if they could play in the starting line-up.Before the game, Japan’s men’s football team head coach Mori Boichi said in an interview with the media that he knew nothing about the new head coach of The Chinese men’s football team, and he did not know what the changes were after the new coach was replaced.Moriboichi said that the Japanese men’s football team wanted to win at home, the team is fully prepared, Yoshida Masayya, Fuan Kenyang injury makes people feel sad, the Japanese men’s football team has many excellent players, he will focus on the coaching work, will adopt a new lineup to face the Chinese men’s football team.Sen confirmed a predicted that Chinese football will take “tighten fence, defensive counter-attack” give priority to, so, the Japanese team will focus on will break through the line on the side, it is the key to the Japanese team win, sen said confirmed a request at Japan’s soccer players on the field initiative, as long as get the ball, observed the chance to must be fast counter-attack, if no chance,We must control the ball at our feet and try to find attacking opportunities from behind the Chinese defenders.Li Tie, head coach of The Chinese national football Team, said in an interview with the media before the match that all the returned players could play, and the Chinese national football team must maintain its hope of qualifying for the World Cup.We are playing away against the number one team in Asia and we want the players to come together and play the way they are.For the naturalized players Alan and Luo Guofu’s assistance, Li Xiaopeng felt happy, in front of Alan, Li Xiaopeng said happily: you can come to the National football team report, I have a bottom in my heart.The naturalized players have made the long journey to Japan, which shows their determination to play for the national team, but also their love for Chinese football and fans.