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“Flowers blossom like a brocade and seek peace. I wish you a flowing life.”The summer light, flying under the soft clouds, folds the hazy light, like someone who is looking for the beginner’s heart, and you are my beginner’s heart.Sorry, I accidentally threw all my love on you. He is really a perfect existence in another sense. He is really a soul existence, and all the words that distinguish people are irrelevant to him.I love you, I love you, I really love you, I love you, now the message comes, I love you, I hope this message is from you, I love you.Evening and age go together, and then go with you to the light of day.The wind is light, the moon is bright.Your smile, your voice, linger in my heart.”Won’t you love me?””Don’t love you?Don’t.Loving you is like loving life.”The horizon of the waves, the sea waves rolling, god with god from the sea of clouds blend out of the place.I don’t like you, but I only love you