Super new army even signed three foreign aid, to create a new axis, promotion is not destined to be a rookie

2022-05-13 0 By

February 15, the Super army wuhan sanzhen breath announced the introduction of 3 new foreign aid.In the super market downturn, underpaid clubs everywhere under the environment, Wuhan three towns directly introduced a foreign aid axis, this is very eye-catching.After the Chinese team rises to exceed, must carry on the lineup to upgrade for certain, otherwise very difficult to stand firm.The gap is mainly reflected in the foreign aid, compared to the local players, in addition to the top ranking, more international teams, other teams are not much worse.That is to say, as long as the reinforcement of foreign aid, promotion horse has succeeded more than half.It would be a great success if we could bring in one or two good players in key positions.As long as the club operation is stable, the coach is good, it is not very difficult to establish a foothold in the Chinese Super League.There are too many difficult players in the Chinese Super League to expect a team with serious underpayment problems to be much stronger.From the player’s resume, wuhan three towns this time the introduction of three foreign players are quite good: from Turkey malatya Sports club introduced Brazilian defender Wallace, 28 years old, has represented Lazio in Serie A, won the Italian Super cup and the Coppa Italia.In addition, he also played for Brazil’s National Olympic team.Romanian midfielder Stancho, also 28, who was recruited from Slavia Prague of the Czech Republic, is a key midfielder for the National team, scoring one goal in 10 appearances during the 2022 World Cup European qualifiers.Brazilian forward Davidson, 30, who was a candidate for MVP in the Portuguese Super League during his 2019 stint with Portuguese club Guimaraes, was brought in from Turkish club Alania.Three lines have been supplemented, the new foreign aid resume bright, worth looking forward to.Now, many super clubs are still on hold, Wuhan three towns have been clumsy.They are the earliest team in the winter training of the Chinese Super League and the first to make a big move in the recruitment of foreign players.In this year’s Chinese Super League, Wuhan sanzhen will not be a rookie.