The detoxification in food “small expert hand” find, be not mung bean, often eat can discharge toxin, protect liver

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It is inevitable that we will eat some toxic ingredients every day when we eat.In many foods, there are not only good nutrients for human body, but also some harmful substances.For example, vegetables and fruits that are sprayed with pesticides can also be harmful when eaten.Of course, there is also a detoxifying organ in our body, that is the liver.Liver has certain discharge poison ability, we want to pay attention to conserve liver only, can reduce the toxin that remains inside body.Speaking of liver maintenance, what can you think of?The better way is, of course, dietary therapy. By improving our diet, we can not only supplement nutrition, but also protect our body organs.Some of the nutrients contained in food have the effect of raising the liver, many people think that mung beans can protect the liver.Mung beans as a kind of grains, its dietary fiber content is relatively rich, summer with mung beans to quench thirst is very effective, there is a certain detoxification function.However, mung beans are not as good as these foods in raising the liver.Food detoxification “small expert” found, not mung beans, often eat can discharge toxins, maintenance of the liver 1, garlic for garlic, most people should eat, because usually when cooking, basically will add it as a condiment, the dishes only into the garlic flavor to eat more delicious.But if you eat garlic by itself, some people might not like it because it doesn’t smell good and can cause bad breath.Despite its unpleasant smell, garlic is very good at nourishing the liver.Garlic is also rich in a variety of nutrients, it is anti-inflammatory sterilization and detoxification effect is very good, so you can eat some garlic at ordinary times, stimulate the vitality of the liver.2, green tea in a variety of different health methods, drinking tea is definitely a popular one, especially for the retired elderly, there are many people usually especially like to sit on the tea table.Drinking tea can cultivate people’s sentiment, is a way to keep in good health and keep healthy. If you want to keep liver, you can also try green tea.Green tea contains substances called tea polyphenols, which once in the liver can further promote metabolism, green tea itself detoxifies.In addition, green tea contains antioxidant ingredients, we occasionally drink green tea to health, can beautify and detoxification.Sesame seeds are often added to various foods as a condiment, especially when making cookies, where a little sesame is added to sweeten the taste.Although sesame is small, but there are many benefits to our body, no matter black sesame or white sesame, we eat occasionally have the effect of raising liver.Eating sesame properly can enhance the vitality of liver cells, promote the repair of liver, reduce liver damage.Cabbage is a common vegetable, and many people like to cook it as a common dish.This green vegetable is ideal for curing your liver, as cabbage is rich in vitamins, which enhance your liver’s detoxification function.Conclusion: both cabbage and sesame seeds are very common and common food. Although these foods are relatively common, if we can properly supplement them, they can protect the liver.In order to improve the health of our liver, we should not only pay attention to our diet, but also remember to change the bad lifestyle habits.