When I went home for a blind date, he asked me about my family. I didn’t understand, but he said bluntly, “I’m afraid of trouble.

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In the process of blind date arranged by the elders, many people are afraid to ask too much about the other half’s family background because of their face. In fact, in order to reduce some conflicts and disputes after marriage, this is a very necessary thing.My mother had been setting me up on blind dates when I got home at the gleason’s peak at the end of the year.My mother’s advice to me was: choose those families that are superior and can live a better life after marriage!But I don’t think so. Is marriage a trade?If there is no love, only family conditions to support the marriage, can really be happy?One day noon, mother very happy to tell me, your aunt for you to find a family conditions particularly good man, his home has a car has a small foreign building, in the town also opened a clinic.Only it was his second marriage. He had a daughter from his first marriage, but the child was with his wife when they divorced.In fact, I am very repulsed by this blind date. Although I have reached the age of marriage, I belong to the late maturity type, and I have a relatively simple emotional state of zero. I don’t want to settle for my marriage carelessly, and I don’t want to marry him just because he is rich and qualified.On a sunny morning, the two sides met, each other with 32 years old, wearing glasses, a bit like a scholar, quiet, pale face slightly younger, two people differ seven years old, but from the two sides talk and do things, two personal character difference a bit big, do not know really married, two people’s marriage status will be what kind of?We introduced ourselves and told each other about ourselves.The gleason on the wall listened intently to my details, though I vaguely remembered the man’s age and occupation.The man first asked me, “What is your current job and how much is your salary?Do you plan to quit your job after you get married?Of course, my requirements for the other half can also be considered.I can not help but frown, I am just a company front desk customer service, 5 thousand a month salary, money is not a lot, but also can support themselves.The man then asks, “What do your parents do? What is your financial status?”I looked at the man doubtfully and he admitted: I’m afraid of trouble.Men will ask this, because in the suffered a big blow in a marriage, and his ex-wife without a clear understanding of each other family situation, hastily married and his father work honestly, and a younger brother is at university, so often need to he aid, subsequently family crisis, so he and his wife divorced.When the man learned that I was the only child, he thought there was a good chance that we could have a blind date. After we met, he drove me home. The next day, he bought a lot of gifts and came to my home.I would have sent him back, but mother kept telling me to try to get along with him first, and I reluctantly agreed that he would stay with us.On a blind date, when he asked each other about his family, I had a lot of questions, but in fact, there is nothing wrong with a man doing this.Summary: before getting married on a blind date, be sure to explain their family situation in detail and ask clearly.Marriage for a woman, marry the right person is a lifetime of happiness, marry the wrong will regret life;For a man, to marry a good woman is a happy mate, but to marry a bad woman, it is to swallow his pride.